As QuickBooks culls desktop payroll, is it time to review your processes?

IRIS quickbooks culls desktop payroll | As QuickBooks culls desktop payroll, is it time to review your processes?
By Alan Gregory | 21st October 2019 | 1 min read

Users of the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll software were greeted with a surprise the other day when the provider revealed it would be axing the solution from April next year.

But rather than seeing this as a blow, could this instead be an opportunity to reassess how you carry out your payroll?

Maybe now is the time to consider if there’s a more effective answer for your business.

Could outsourcing make more sense for you? There are lots of providers out there to achieve this, but not many that can offer as much expertise as IRIS Managed Payroll.

Did you realise that our UK based team has over 40 years of experience in running payroll?

If you decide to take this outsourced pathway for payroll, we are ready to take on your Automatic Enrolment, RTI and Year-End reporting responsibilities, not to mention ensuring your employees receive their payslips month in, and month out.

If you still want to go with a desktop solution, we understand where you’re coming from. At IRIS we realise the cloud is not for everyone. We have four decades of experience in developing payroll software for desktops and our solutions meet the needs of a huge range of firms - from small micro businesses to large corporations.

Our software is recognised by HMRC and is Real Time Information (RTI) compliant.

Whether you have 100 or 10,000 employees, process a single payroll or offer a bureau service for thousands of clients, our software will deliver the tools required to streamline your payroll function and address the most demanding of reporting requirements.

Our payroll solutions are designed to provide for maximum ease of use and speed of processing, while offering the comprehensive core functionality and scalability you would expect.

Furthermore, every user gets a Named Account Manager to personally ensure all your needs are met.

Call now on 0344 815 5656 for a quote and see how IRIS can resolve your payroll headaches.