Introducing the New IRIS Bureau Efficiency Module

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By Alan Gregory | 27th November 2018 | 1 min read

New IRIS Bureau Efficiency module to boost productivity for accountants and payroll bureaus.

IRIS is pleased to announce the launch of a revolutionary IRIS Bureau Efficiency module. This module is designed to help accountants and bureaus save time when running payrolls for their clients, by reducing the need to perform repetitive manual tasks thanks to an innovative dashboard.

“I am confident that the new Bureau Efficiency module will tremendously reduce our clients’ administrative burden; the fact they’ll be able to batch process tasks for multiple clients at once and easily track completed tasks will save them several hours each month. With the new dashboard, users will get a detailed view of their clients’ payroll such as last task completed (including payroll calculation), date the last FPS was sent to HMRC or the number of complete clients’ payrolls. Spotting payroll variances will also become so much easier.”

Tracy Taylor, IRIS Product Manager

Key Benefits:

  • Easily process payroll for multiple clients at the same time
  • Quickly view your clients’ payroll status
  • Swiftly produce clients’ payroll reports
  • Effortlessly manage your clients’ payroll tasks
  • Seamlessly track the progress of tasks for each pay period
  • Smoothly integrates with IRIS OpenSpace, IRIS OpenPayslips and IRIS OpenEnrol for quick upload of personal data on a secure portal

The Bureau Efficiency module is now available to IRIS Payroll Professional, Earnie Business and Earnie Executive clients.

Contact us to learn more about IRIS Bureau Efficiency or to set-up the configuration with your existing payroll software. Call now for more information on 0344 815 5656.