IRIS Financials launches new features to help businesses gain financial certainty

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Posted: 29th March 2021

As part of its continued mission to help businesses perform better by removing time and energy from everyday tasks, IRIS Software Group (IRIS), one of the UK’s largest software companies, is today announcing a host of new features to help businesses gain further control and clarity on their financial situation.

Many business leaders are still struggling to find a single financial view of their business, or track real-time spending against tightly managed and strict budgets. They need to have the bandwidth to work on their business, not in it, if they are to move forward with confidence this year. The new features, including cloud-based access, automated workflows and user-friendly dashboards, have been added to IRIS Financials, formerly PS Financials, to help organisations gain clear visibility of their financial situation and manage their complex accounting needs.

Cloud-based and accessible on any device, this latest iteration of IRIS Financials transforms real-time data into revealing graphs, charts and visualisations. It provides business leaders with the essential intelligence they need to clearly understand their financial position in order to make strategic decisions about the future of their business – regardless of where they are located.

IRIS Financials now also enables senior leaders to configure workflows to automate complex processes, such as bank reconciliation, prepayments and payroll. This quietens the noise coming from these processes and gives leaders peace of mind that the ever-increasing complexities around these critical business functions are being handled appropriately. This in turn means they can focus on investing in staff and growing their business.

No matter how complex a business’ affairs currently are, or become in the future, IRIS Financials’ new dashboard functionality will enable leaders to centralise their finances with ease. Giving them one, single source of truth with the most up-to-date information.

With new trading rules in place as of 01 January 2021 following Brexit, and a raft of new rules introduced during the Covid-19 crisis, staying on top of regulatory changes is more important than ever before for business leaders. The latest iteration of IRIS Financials also brings a unified ledger system that automatically consolidates data from all sources across the business – making it easy to rapidly produce accurate and compliant financial statements.

IRIS Financials enables business leaders to gain clear visibility of the financials, by automating mundane and complex operation tasks to drive success; enabling them to create a growth strategy and focus on investing in their staff while remaining compliant with all statutory reporting requirements.

Winston Poyton, Senior Product Director at IRIS Software Group comments, “While the pandemic has caused significant upheaval for many businesses, there is a real opportunity to enact tangible, positive change. Business leaders need instant access to intelligence to keep up to date on their financial situation so they can plan for the future with confidence. We will continue to develop market leading solutions that provide a single source of truth so business leaders can remain compliant with all statutory reporting requirements and focus on growing their company. Our mission is to future-proof out customers’ businesses with a scalable platform that will grow with their business.”