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Licence Corrupt: Error starting PAYE-Master

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Licence Corrupt: Error starting PAYE-Master

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1st January 2019




When starting the software user gets the message:

licence corrupt please contact helpdesk for any queries


Unfortunately the database holding  your software licence details has become damaged and unreadable.

To proceed you will need to replace the file “Central.DAT” with a fresh copy.

  • To find central.dat, open Windows Explorer and browse to your C: drive.
  • Open the folder “ProgramData“. By default Microsoft mark this as a hidden folder, make sure you have selected the option to show hidden files and folders.
  • Open the folder “IRIS Software Ltd
  • In here you should see central.dat, delete this file.
  • Restart PAYE-Master. This will create a new, empty, copy of central.dat.
  • When prompted, enter your latest licence details. If you aren’t sure what these please contact our support team. Click here for contact details.
  • When prompted, select the option “Import Existing Data File(s)“. Work through and reimport your live data file(s). For more help importing data files, read this KB.

If problems with the licence persist after replacing central.dat or if you are struggling with the above, please contact our support team. Click here for contact details.

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