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IRIS Practice Management

What is the 'Take on new client' standard job type for?

The new client standard job type is used to track your progress on new clients. This is used in IRIS…


IRIS AutoMail

What is an IF Statement and how do I add it to my IRIS Automail Template

An IF statement is a conditional statement that contains the keyword IF, followed by an expression in the condition, the…


IRIS AutoMail

Tax refund does not show in the tax return cover letter

To display the tax refund in your tax return cover you will need to make an adjustment to the template,…


How Do I Recreate The IRIS Logins After Moving IRIS

For detailed instructions on recreating the IRIS Logins please refer to the IRIS Help Centre Here NOTE: This assumes that…


IRIS AutoMail

How do I edit an IRIS Date Tag to the desired format in an AutoMail letter?

To change the format of the date: Open the IRIS Main Menu and log on to IRIS AutoMail. The letter…


What Are The Hardware Requirements For Using IRIS On A Terminal Server?

Please refer to the System Requirements here for full specification requirements. Additional Note: Virtual Environments Citrix/Terminal Services/VMWare/TS Remote Apps. We…


No Default Printer - when printing a Tax Computation

This can be resolved by installing a new default printer Click Start Click Control Panel and then Open Printers &…


IRIS Time and Fees

I've created a timesheet with the wrong 'to' date so the timesheet is too long

Once a timesheet has been created the dates cannot be changed. If the end date on your timesheet is incorrect…


IRIS Time and Fees

Example of using interim invoices in Time & Fees

This knowledge Base Article provides an example of how to post interim invoices in Time & Fees Example of the…


IRIS Time and Fees

Closing a Time Period: Timesheet not yet fully applied

To close a Time Period, all timesheets must be completed and updated to the Time Ledger for that Period. If…