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IRIS Practice Management

How do I add stages from a job profile?

To add job stages to an existing job profile follow the steps outlined below Open IRIS Main Menu and click on IRIS Practice Management Log…


IRIS Practice Management

Clients are missing from Data Mining

There are three criteria set by default and these are: 1) Unregistered clients excluded As Data Mining searches are used for your clients, all unregistered…


IRIS Accounts Production

Importing data from other packages into Accounts Production; warning appears

Users are required to confirm that the column order on the CSV file is as follows: Amount, Account, [Undertaking - Group ONLY], Narrative, Posting Date,…


How do I change the default rounding account?

To change the rounding account at Client level, users are required to select: Posting | Rounding Accounts | select -relevant account code(s). To change the rounding account at…


How do I Set up Partners, Partnership Profit Shares & Joint Capital Accounts?

Please refer to: Help | Help topics | Frequently Asked Questions | Partnerships.