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IRIS Accounts Production

How do I setup a Joint Capital Account?

A Joint capital account can ONLY be set between TWO Partners. Only ONE Partner in the Joint Capital Account will…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I show the registered number on the FLY sheet?

In order to set the alias at Client Level (for one client only) Select, Edit | Report Aliases - In…


IRIS Practice Management

Do contact details get linked to the main client?

Any phone numbers or email addresses that are entered to the contact do not get copied to the main client.…


IRIS Accounts Production

PSA report with ICAEW Audit 01/05 wording - Accountants' Report - Certificate D

Option D should only legitimately be used in conjunction with a PSN report. Select, Edit | Data Screens | Reports…


IRIS Company Secretarial

How do I do a share transfer within the share register?

Select - Edit | Share Register | Transfers tab | New The screen is used to enter a transfer of…


IRIS Accounts Production

When querying the status of ABB accounts submission, status stays as pending.

Login to Accounts Production as a MASTER user. To find the presenter details: Select, Setup | Practice Options | C/H…


IRIS Time and Fees

How do I delete a timesheet?

Contents Introduction Delete timesheet conditions How to delete your timesheet. Introduction In Time Ledger, there is a facility that allows…


IRIS Practice Management

What do the different colours of text signify in Communications?

Below are the definitions of what the colours of text signify in Communications tracking: Red = Items created in IRIS…


IRIS Accounts Production

Where can I post Franchise Fees as an Intangible Fixed Asset on the ELTD chart?

Use 503, 504, or 505 and then the relevant sub account e.g. 505/2 for additions. The Description and Extended Description…


IRIS Accounts Production

TPL, Accountant's certificate / client approval at the bottom of the page

Only if running the TPL on its own and client has the alias IEA-TPL set within Edit | Report Alias…