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IRIS Practice Management

How to log reports for confidential clients

This is a feature of report logging for confidential clients to help prevent people accessing sensitive information that they have…


IRIS Accounts Production

How to I remove the Private Income & Personal Expenses from Doctors accounts?

Users are required to set the following alias, Select: Edit | Report Aliases To remove Private Income - Enter 'D11'…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I REMOVE the Balance Sheet and Capital Accounts Note from the PSA report?

Users are required to: Select: Edit | Report Aliases Set aliases BL3 = $OO( in the Standard box) and CC2…


IRIS Accounts Production

How to I change the fixed asset table to show Net Book Value?

Users are required to set the following alias, Select, Edit | Report Aliases - Enter 'MS1' in the Standard box…


IRIS Accounts Production

"Undertaking not found in group file" when selecting a Subsidiary.

This is due to an INCORRECT "From Date" or "To Date" in the Undertaking Status. Select, Edit | Undertakings Whilst…


IRIS Accounts Production

How to use Data Screen Defaults

Data Screen Defaults can be applied by the Master user via Setup | Data Screen Defaults The default values for…


Where can I find the Client Checklist?

The Client Checklist is a simple document that can be used to gather and record information on a client. The…


IRIS Accounts Production

I cannot see ALL the Postings within the "Posting Screen"?

In the Posting Screen, you need to go into BATCH CONTROL, click [New]. Under the heading "Display Postings as entered"…


IRIS Accounts Production

What do the Symbols next to the Posting number mean?

The following symbols represent the following: O - An Opening Balance posting X - Cancelled posting, the Original posting which…


IRIS Accounts Production

How to amend "Share Type" which has been "Fully Paid" in the Share Register

In the Share Register, when you create a NEW "Share Type" the "Fully Paid" option will automatically be ticked. NB:…