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IRIS Time and Fees

What does the debtor days column do on the aged debtors report?

There is an optional debtor days column available on the aged debtor report. This calculates the debtor days using: Debtor…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I enter a long business name or trading name?

To enter the full business name users are required to do the following: Client | View | Edit Names Enter…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I amend or add a new depreciation policy?

Select Setup | Depreciation policies, IRIS will display a list of depreciation policies. Select [New] to add a new depreciation…


IRIS Accounts Production

Balance sheet - does not balance - Sole Trader/Partnership Accounts

There are a few things to check: 1. Select, Client | View – Ensure the correct business type is selected…


IRIS Accounts Production

Would like to use the Share Register to show Share Capital information

Solution: To activate the Share Register within Accounts Production: SELECT: Edit | Share Register Status- Tick ‘Data is good for…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I change the description of 'Patents & Licences written off'?

Solution: The description of 'Patents & Licences written off' is picked up from the Account Description of Account 503/22 If…


IRIS Accounts Production

When Posting, message appears "Is posting date correct?"

This may occur due to the 'Default Posting Date' or 'Year/Period End Date' being incorrect 1. Default Posting Date Select,…


IRIS Accounts Production

I would like to show the page range on the contents page?

Edit | Report Aliases - in the 'Standard' enter '&01' and in the 'Client Specific' enter '&00'


IRIS Practice Management

How do I attach an AutoMail letter to a job stage?

To attach an AutoMail letter to a job stage follow the steps outlined below: Open IRIS Main Menu and click…


IRIS Accounts Production

Changing page numbers within Microsoft Word

Within Word, change the view from Print Layout to Normal by ........................................Page Break.......................................... or ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Section Break (Next Page):::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The Section…