5 reasons your GP practice should be considering payroll outsourcing.

By Stephanie Wardle | 27th October 2014 | 14 min read

Many practices turn to external payroll service providers for a number of different reasons and when it comes to payroll many practices forget they could enjoy the freedom that outsourcing can bring. Allowing an external service provider with dedicated expertise take care of your payroll can bring a host of benefits to your GP practice.  




Below are 5 of the biggest reasons your GP Practice should switch to outsourced payroll:


1. Minimise your automatic enrolment stress

Automatic enrolment is the biggest change to pensions in decades and coupled with Real Time Information has forced practices to re-evaluate their skills in this area and ability to focus on payroll.

2. Save time

Payroll is a vital cog in any practice, but handling it and keeping up to date with all the changes can be a time-consuming task. Add to that software updates and payroll training, external providers handle all these elements to help you to free up more time to focus on your practice and your patients.

3. Reduce your costs

Payroll software licensing, training costs, payslip printing and distribution expenses all add up. Outsourcing your payroll means that you could not only save time but vital money as well.

4. Utilise the expertise of experienced payroll professionals

Rather than one or two people within your practice having the skills and knowledge to undertake payroll, using external service providers can give you access to a much wider range of knowledge, experience and expertise from professionals who have spent years dedicated to payroll.

5. Improve efficiency

Saving time, reducing costs and removing a big administrative chunk of your day can help streamline your internal processes. Not only that, you have access to a huge variety of reports which can be specialised to your specific needs for example: your NHS Pensions summary.

The above are just some of the most common reasons to consider outsourced payroll to help your practice manage your payroll. Some providers, like our team here at IRIS handle your employee queries as well so you don’t have to.

A tailor-made service

Another great feature of outsourcing can mean you can request the parts of the service you require and not the bits you don’t. For example, if your practice just needs help printing and distributing your payslips that’s no problem.  

IRIS AE Managed Payroll Service

The payroll outsourcing team have over 30 years’ experience, are BACS approved and are always there to make sure your payroll runs smoothly and on time. With an extensive understanding of the GP Practice sector, it means we’re one of the best providers placed to offer payroll outsourcing

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