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Payroll tailored to Religious organisations | Religious Organisations Payroll

Save time and costs with our payroll solutions tailored to Religious organisations.

We understand the complexity payroll involves. Ensuring you’re calculating the correct deductions for your various staff while also maintaining compliance with legislation such as auto enrolment and holiday pay is an exceptionally time-consuming task. Our solutions automate your payroll processes and take away the stress, allowing you to refocus your time on managing your organisation.

Key Features

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Varied staff

Running a Religious organisation requires a range of staff all with different hours and pay grades.

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Compliance with legislation

Payroll legislation such as auto enrolment and holiday pay are continuously changing, creating additional challenges with compliance.

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Calculating wages

When calculating your staffs’ pay you must correctly process deductions such as PAYE and National Insurance.

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Producing payslips

Preparing and sending payslips creates a variety of additional costs while also requiring a considerable amount of time.

Payroll tailored to Religious organisations

Whether you’re looking to streamline payroll processes, ensure compliance with the latest legislation or save time enabling you to focus on what’s actually important, we have a range of options from completely outsourced solutions to best of breed software.

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