Revolutionise your approach to invoices and admin!

Free yourself from hours spent manually processing and matching invoices.

We understand that many MATS struggle with the sheer weight of financial administration, repetitive (often manual) tasks, and trying to consolidate information across all areas from all over the organisation to get a clear picture of what’s going on.

IRIS Invoice Matcher automatically reads, matches and processes your incoming invoices – quickly and accurately. And, because it’s hosted in the cloud, it’s quick and easy to get started with no need for upfront IT investment.

Enquire about IRIS Invoice Matcher today, and you could enjoy:

  • Improved cycle times – with faster, rules-driven processing for invoice approvals and exceptions.
  • Better supplier relationships – through reduced, or even eliminated late payments, increasing the opportunities for strategic partnerships
  • Reduced IT requirements – the machine learning algorithm already recognises thousands of suppliers, so there’s no need to onboard new ones
  • Streamlined processes – with all the data in one place, and without the costly damage of human error

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