IRIS Elements Financial Performance Review

A cloud-based 5 year Financial Reporting Review that creates an engaging graphical dashboard in minutes to help you walk your clients through their key business KPIs and drill down into the detail behind them.


5 year Financial Performance Reporting in a nutshell

Delivering better value and building stronger relationships with clients is an important part of growing your business and helping them to grow theirs. For this to happen a data led approach is critical to understanding performance, identifying new opportunities as well as spotting key trends.

IRIS Elements Financial Performance Review (FPR) builds upon IRIS Accounts Production data, allowing access to advisory enabling information from anywhere. Critical business KPI’s at available at your fingertips on a single screen that you can either share with your client on screen or via a PDF report.

Reporting in a few clicks

  • A simple 3 step process to uploading your clients data by drag and drop.
  • Upload up to 5 years of clients’ financial data to deliver a comprehensive overview of their business.

User-friendly Dashboard

  • An engaging dashboard in colour summarising your clients’ historical financial performance for up to 5 years.
  • The dashboard consists of 5 components designed to provide useful insights relevant for most businesses.
    • Profits and revenue trend analysis.
    • Balance sheet performance over time.
    • Cost analysis for reporting periods.
    • Profit percentages.
    • Debtor/Creditor days.

Drill-down into the detail and share your report

  • The dashboard allows you to drilldown into the cost analysis figures.
  • It allows you to better understand trends emerging in your client cost base and identify variances.
  • Share your report in a simple pdf document that will help your support your clients’ understanding.

Why choose IRIS Elements FPR?

5 year reporting

Create engaging graphical reports for clients covering up to 5 years of financial performance data


Use the report as a focal point for financial planning conversations with your clients

Drill down into the detail

Explore the detail behind the headlines to understand and explain interesting trends or unexpected variances in your cost analysis

Share your reports

Provide clients with an additional resource as a PDF or printed document


Which of my clients can I use this for?

Any Limited Companies processed through the IRIS Accounts Production system using the ELTD Accounts Chart.

How does my clients’ financial data / Trial Balance get into the Elements platform?

The tool has been designed to process the Multiple Year Summary reports generated from the IRIS Accounts Production system. Simply upload a CSV report when asked and the tool converts this into the Financial Performance Review report.