Healthcare Payroll Software

Healthcare providers have an array of responsibilities, including payroll, which requires added attention as processes and legislation are always changing.

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Running Payroll in Healthcare

Effortlessly manage your medical bookkeeping. Collate, report and analyse your data through centralised healthcare accounting software. Consolidate data from homes, beds, wards and units in real time.

Healthcare charities
Implement a sophisticated financial management solution across all charity locations. Make use of industry-specific functionality, including grant management tools to track, manage and analyse funds.

Key Features

Improve accountability and financial transparency

Streamline your operations with the IRIS Financials unified ledger. Benefit from powerful analysis, instant consolidation and process automation.

Straightforward integration

Our software interfaces with leading care management systems, making set up easy. We also support feeds from your payroll provider, bank and Excel.

Trusted solutions

Our software is used and trusted by over 100 care homes, 3,000 residents, 4,000 clinical patients and over 10,000 care staff.

Full suite for every need

Our administrative management suite covers finances, assets, HR, payroll and budgeting. These systems communicate with each other to make administration easy.

Payroll Solutions for Healthcare Providers

We provide Healthcare Payroll Software, tailor-made to meet your demands, enabling you to effortlessly manage your payroll responsibility.

IRIS solutions free up your time by providing the tools needed to handle the pressures of ever-changing legislation and processes.

Also on offer are our accounts solutions, designed specifically for the healthcare industry we ensure friendly and intuitive software which makes it quick and easy to learn regardless of your prior knowledge. Some important features include:

  • Automatic real-time consolidation
  • Automated income management
  • Advanced credit control
  • Automation of deferred income
  • Ad-hoc invoicing
  • Unlimited data and document storage
  • Easily accessible for all users
  • Comprehensive reporting suite

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