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Timesheet's starting on the wrong day

To change this you will need to create a timesheet to cover the day you have and end it on the correct end day. For…


OS-101: When logging into Openspace you receive this message, "We are sorry, the application has encountered a problem while processing your request".

We understand this issue impacted the following processes; logging in, e approvals, creating clients and uploading files. Our development team have identified that this issue…


Customers are receiving E-Mails as 'Winmail.dat' files

The Reason for this is due to the nature of how IRIS sends emails as plain text, and recipients who are using apple device's will…


Posting cannot be made as there will be too many interim invoices pending

Posting cannot be made as there will be too many interim invoices pending This means that there is a client that has over the allotted…


Error when e-mailing from communications - 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay

The message that appears is an error response from your SMTP, and not IRIS initiated. Unable to relay IRIS support cannot offer advice on SMTP…


IRIS Payroll Professional, Earnie

Starting / Stopping Student loan deductions

Starting a Student Loan Deduction Student loans are managed in the employee details: Open the employee details, go to "Tax / NI" and click on…


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AE Config Tool - Step 9 - Configure your Postponement Period

There are two options for applying a postponement period, from staging/duty start date and from the point an employee becomes an eligible jobholder. Postponement at…


Student loan repayment showing incorrect on the computation

A breakdown of the student loan repayment figure on the computation can be found in reports | student loan repayment computation. On this report, please…


Employment is showing as a duplication on the student loan repayment computation

This happens because the income from a previous employment is being pulled through. To correct this, the following must be done: Login to personal tax…


How to select the student loan plan type in personal tax?

Open up personal tax and select the client.Go to reliefs | Miscellaneous | Tax calculation | Student loansSelect the loan plan type | OK Go…