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IRIS Accounts Production

How do I show an Item in the Analysis of Maturity of Loans Note?

The Total Amounts in Group 701 (accounts 839-898) will be shown on the Statutory Balance Sheet as Creditors EITHER "Falling…


IRIS Accounts Production

Getting a warning about Client screen for "Provision for Liabilities"

To clear this error, you need to go into: Edit / Data Screens / Notes to Financial Statements / Balance…


IRIS Accounts Production

Can I change the priviledges applied to Staff Members?

The nature of information within many IRIS products is sensitive to the Practice. Therefore restrictions can be placed for each…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I change the Posting Date on Range of Postings?

Select the post file entry you wish to work in, Posting| Select| choose the relevant post file| OK . Then…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I post a revaluation of a fixed asset using the ELTD chart?

In this example, we will assume that a Freehold property has been revalued from £100,000 to £120,000. The Journals are…


IRIS Accounts Production

Changing the position of the accountant's certificate / client approval

Select Setup | Report Options | Certificate/Client Approval (Accountants). Select from the following options: A Separate page showing both B…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I Amend or Extend the accounting period end date on a posting entry?

Select, Posting | Post File Maintenance | Highlight the business | click Entries | Accounts Production will display a list…


IRIS Accounts Production

Error Where Turnover Does Not Agree to Trial Balance

If you wish to create a turnover note which is split by geographical turnover on the ELTD chart, select, Edit…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I create an interim account period end date?

Go to Edit | Account Period End Dates. In the Account Period Maintenance screen IRIS will display a list of…


IRIS Company Secretarial

How do I create a share split?

To enter in a new share split, go to Edit | Share Register, select the Events tab and click New…