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Can IRIS Run On A Wireless Network?

Due to the nature of the IRIS program and the way it accesses the database, current wireless technology that are…


Which Operating Systems Does IRIS Support?

Please refer to our system requirements for full details of supported operating systems IRIS System Requirements IMPORTANT : IRIS are…


IRIS Not Loading or Loading Delayed When Norton Anti-Virus Installed

Following the steps below may resolve the issue with the Anti Virus configuration. NOTE: The steps below may be differ…


IRIS Practice Suite Minimum Hardware Requirements - Standalone Environment

Information about the hardware requirements can be found on our website Please click here to view the IRIS system requirements.…


IRIS Modules Not Loading or Loading Delayed When Kaspersky Anti Virus Installed

Following the steps below may resolve the issue with the Kaspersky configuration. NOTE: The steps below may apply to a…


System.Net.WebException - Unable To Connect To The Remote Server

This is usually caused by a firewall blocking the connection. Simply turn off the Windows firewall (or other software firewall)…


IRIS Business Tax

06/04/07 and 05/04/08 appear in boxes 3.4 and 3.5 of the return

The guidance in the Self Assessment Partnership Tax Return Guide page 7 states that if no accounts end in 2007-08…


Unable to load SQL Server OLEDB Provider Resource DLL

Following the steps below may help to resolve the issue. Open My Computer Double Click C: (Local Disk) Double Click…


IRIS Time and Fees

Client Billing Analysis report and the Billed figure

This knowledge base article will explain the purpose of the billing analysis report and provide the reasons why the billed…


IRIS Personal Tax

How to enter mixed asset use in Capital assets?

Users are required to: 1. Log on to IRIS Personal Tax, select the client and choose 2008 2. From the…