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Eternally generous with his wisdom and knowledge, Eddie is a natural educator with an awe-inspiring acumen for organisational management. Channelling these qualities into his Education software, he’ll help make any school of any size run like a well-oiled machine, irrespective of budgetary constraints or other external pressures.

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The bottom line for Eddie is all about student outcomes. And by saving educators and educational administrators hours and hours of valuable time each week, his Education solutions help to improve the life chances of every last pupil. It’s a tough job, but nurturing the next generation of superheroes is its own reward.


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Why choose IRIS software?

Save time

With potential to save hundreds of hours every week in schools, and thousands across MATs, every second gained improves the life chances of students.

Make better decisions

Capturing an abundance of leverageable data, IRIS Education software delivers deeper insights into your school’s performance so that you can make better-informed managerial choices.

Work flexibly

Delivering benefits for teachers, school administrators, managers, parents and, most importantly, pupils, IRIS’s Education modules can be tailored to your school’s needs to support everything from school finance through to attendance, parent outreach and more.

Software for Education

IRIS Ed:gen

Our next-generation Ed:gen software provides cloud-based MIS for state schools and trusts. Accessible anytime, anywhere, educators have access to real-time data on registers, timetables, audit trails and more.

IRIS Financials

Simplify your school’s financial management. Intelligent reporting, automated workflows, comprehensive audit-trails and flexible functionality give you a real-time view of your school finances and help you make smarter financial decisions.

IRIS ParentMail

Connecting schools and parents, our cloud-based ParentMail solution streamlines communication and payment options and automates paper-based processes. Engage parents in student and school activity and watch your pupils flourish.

IRIS Reach

Manage all school communications from a single cloud-based platform. Covering everything from email to SMS, social media and more, Reach makes parent communication easier, faster and more effective.

IRIS BioStore

Our biometric identity management solution provides total peace of mind for parents, students and educators alike. Helping you monitor and control attendance, door access controls, school meal provision and more, BioStore offers unrivalled protection.

IRIS Parents Evening Manager

Take the stress out of one of the busiest events in the school calendar. Streamline and simplify appointment bookings and automate paper-based tasks to make every parents evening run smoothly.

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