IRIS BioStore

Identity management solutions tailored to your school

Experts in identity management software for over 15 years, IRIS BioStore streamlines school operations with award-winning software developed with modern schools in mind.

  • IRIS BioStore Education solutions include:
  • E-Registration and attendance
  • Computer log-on
  • Password control
  • Library and management
  • Print and copy management
  • Cashless catering

From identity management and access control to attendance, registration and print management, we enable schools, MATs and colleges to run smoothly and securely every day. Schools are under increasing pressure to improve efficiencies and protect budgets at every turn. Our solutions reduce time-consuming administration and simplify processes, saving you time and money with a centralised database for your chosen applications.

Benefits to schools:

  • Users need only be registered with a single system, reducing time-consuming administration and reducing the risk of human error
  • Manage pupil and teacher access through a single system, improving security and streamlining processes
  • Enhance security and protect against audit-related expenditure with a single system to control user access and approvals
  • Improve accuracy and reduce supplier costs, with a centralised database for all systems and processes.

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