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Personal Tax: Using Client E-Checklists and Queries

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Personal Tax: Using Client E-Checklists and Queries
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8th April 2022
IRIS Personal Tax: Using Client E-Checklists and Queries

E-Checklists provide a quick and easy way for you to deliver the necessary information, allowing your accountant to complete your Self Assessment tax return using IRIS Openspace.

  1. As an accountant – you must have your IRIS Openspace account created with a valid email address.
  2. As a client for the accountant – you must have a valid email address and your accountant has created your IRIS Openspace account.

Go to this site:

  1. Select IRIS Personal Tax.
  2. Select e-Checklists.
  3. The main questions and answers are listed here.

How to edit or add new questions for all clients OR 1 client

  1. Load a client in Personal Tax.
  2. Administration | E-checklist | Edit E-checklist questions.
  3. You can now edit the content and add new questions – this will be applied to all your clients now.
  4. If you only want to add a new question for one client, create their E-checklist first then view or edit it.
  5. Go to File and Edit and Add Section etc. Now you can edit the questions or add new questions JUST for this one client.

When I generate e-checklists for all my clients it freezes at a certain point (stops at certain name/letter)

There is a data issue on 1 or more of your clients. For example, when you run checklists for all and it reaches that affected client, it will freeze and stop the entire run. Use the Range of clients option when you first run the reports. Ignore/bypass the name where it freezes and run it from the names afterwards (Run the checklist just before the affected client, stop and then run a 2nd time after the affected client)

If that works, then manually look at the clients you believe is the cause – do they have an active email etc. At least you can narrow down the affected client(s) and bypass them so you can get the majority of the e-checklists completed.

If you cant find a data issue for the affected client – use the Attribute option to indicate to yourself that you can’t use future e-checklists for that one client.

E-checklist is not picking up any HMRC value data from prior year

For example Employment and Pension HMRC income is missing on the e-checklist. HMRC values have never been used for e-checklists as these values have been amalgamated and any clients affected would require individual values therefore ‘manual values’ will be picked when using e-checklist. If you want to run 2022 e-checklist, follow these steps:

a) Go back to 2021 and open the HMRC value. Switch to Manual values and enter the same income values.

b) Change to 2022. Edit and Bring forward. Then delete the old e-checklist.

c) Generate a new checklist and it will pick up the Manual values.

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