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Personal Tax- E-checklist red text: 'Cannot connect to IRIS Openspace'

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Personal Tax- E-checklist red text: 'Cannot connect to IRIS Openspace'

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17th January 2022



IRIS Personal Tax - E-checklist client list and you get a red text: 'Cannot connect to IRIS Openspace, the results below will not display up top data status etc


If you have any issues uploading/importing e-checklists etc for all clients this its usually your Openspace credentials (either your email or password) is having an issue accessing openspace. If its a issue which only affects 1 client yet it works for other clients then it could be a issue with your clients email address etc.


1.Log into IRIS with your normal login eg not using another login like MASTER etc (unless you use that login all the time)

2. File | System Maintenance

3. Staff | Staff Maintenance – Highlight your staff ID and click on View

4. IRIS Openspace fields – Go to the Email & Password boxes (It must be the users full email address and able to log into openspace directly). Click ‘Validate’ and check if that’s ok. IRIS is checking if this password/email is valid and recognised in Openspace. If invalid then either the email and or password is incorrect.

5. If it fails to validate then remove both entries and Type in your email and password again

6. If fails to validate again then login to the IRIS Openspace website directly-

7. If it fails – Use the ‘reset password’ on the  OS login screen and put in new password – then change the password on IRIS staff maintenance screen as as well (step 2 onwards)

8. If its only 1 client affected (yet other clients are working fine) then its less likely to be your OS login/password. Ask that affected client to login to their IRIS account and register it (ask they reconfirm their email address and check that address against your IRIS records). Once they have confirmed to you they have registered then try again on the echecklist etc.

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