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IRIS Accounts Production

How to remove Registered Number/Accountants from the Flysheet

To remove the Registered Number the following alias should be set: Select Edit | Report Alias - set alias $FN=$FO…


IRIS Accounts Production

The Directors Report is not showing Change of Company Name disclosure

If a 'Change of Company Name' has occured in the first year of incorporation the disclosure will be included on…


IRIS Accounts Production

What Accounts are INCLUDED in the Staff Costs note?

The Staff Costs note will appear with the following balances: Wages and salaries - sub accounts 1-4 Social security costs…


IRIS Accounts Production

It has been reported on some occasions that NOT ALL Opening Balances

One cause is down to missing 'Branches'. If Branches have previously been entered under: Edit | Branches but then deleted…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I remove the sentence 'All Directors being eligible....' from the DIR?

Select, Edit | Data Screens | Report of the Directors | Directors | Directors Retiring at AGM Untick the following…


IRIS Accounts Production

How to remove the Accountants Name and Address from the Company Information page

Select: Edit | Report Aliases Set alias CIN (Standard) =CID (Client specific) This will remove the Accountants Address from the…


IRIS Accounts Production

Copy to be filed at Companies House tick box

Copy to be filed at Companies House The tick box 'Copy to be filed at Companies House' on the Annual…


IRIS Accounts Production

No reference appears to be made to Operating Leases on the HP/Leasing Policy

To generate the sentence above postings should be made on the profit and loss account to the following accounts; 51,…


IRIS Company Secretarial

Within 'Meetings' the [Print] option is greyed out on the 'Resolution' tab

Individual resolutions can not be printed for 'Type' Board. If the meeting created is a Board Meeting then the complete…


IRIS Accounts Production

Which Secretary will appear on the Financial Statements?

If there is a change in Secretary during the year the Financial Statements will show the Secretary who was present…