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Statutory deadline calculations for Accounts

The time normally allowed for delivering accounts is: for a private company, 10 months from the ARD for a public company, 7 months from the…


IRIS Time and Fees

How do I save or memorise my most common reports?

Contents Introduction Memorising a report How to access a Memorised Report Introduction If there is a report(s) that will be used on a regular basis…


IRIS Time and Fees

How do I amend Charge Rates?

From time to time you may need to adjust your staff charge rates. For example, if you have to review your staff salary and want…


IRIS Time and Fees

How can staff performance be monitored within the Time ledger?

Under the Reports | Staff Reports menu a selection of reports are available. These include: Missing Timesheet Allows you to see which timesheets are not…


IRIS Time and Fees

Can I create a shortcut that allows me to post Timesheet entries only?

Creating a shortcut to the timesheet entry application enables a user to access their timesheet only, without using up a Time and Fees licence screen.…


IRIS Time and Fees

What is the difference between Non Accountable and Non Chargeable codes?

Non Chargeable Time (Accountable Time) Non Chargeable time is factored into staff performance analysis, this means that is compared against chargeable time (time posted to…


IRIS Accounts Production

Accountants name and address to appear on fly sheet

If running LTD, PSA or PSN: set the alias FLY=FLO if running PSI: set the alias FLI=FLO To set alias at client level: Edit| Report…


IRIS Time and Fees

How is a job created on a client and is there a quick way?

Creating new Time ledger jobs for clients can be achieved in several different screens and the most common are below: Through the timesheet When in…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I show full disclosure for debtors and creditors?

If full disclosure is required the exemption can be overcome by selecting: Edit | Data Screens | Small Companies/LLPs | Financial Statements, and tick the…


IRIS Accounts Production

Highest paid director emoluments totals not appearing for current or last year

Highest paid director emoluments will ony appear if they exceed £200,000 The highest paid director information will not show if it is a small company,…