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IRIS Accounts Production

I have forgotten a Confidential password for a Client?

In order to unlock a confidential client, please refer to the steps below: 1. Select "Forgotten?" this will generate an eleven digit password 2. A…


IRIS Accounts Production

I cannot see ALL the Postings within the "Posting Screen"?

In the Posting Screen, you need to go into BATCH CONTROL, click [New]. Under the heading "Display Postings as entered" ensure the spot is in…


IRIS Accounts Production

What do the Symbols next to the Posting number mean?

The following symbols represent the following: O - An Opening Balance posting X - Cancelled posting, the Original posting which has been cancelled C -…


IRIS Accounts Production

How to amend "Share Type" which has been "Fully Paid" in the Share Register

In the Share Register, when you create a NEW "Share Type" the "Fully Paid" option will automatically be ticked. NB: This box will be GREYED…


IRIS Time and Fees

When setting up a new job type in IRIS Time, what do the options mean?

Job Types are the first level of analysis within Time & Fees. If you have elected to use Job Types all postings made in the…


IRIS Time and Fees

What does the debtor days column do on the aged debtors report?

There is an optional debtor days column available on the aged debtor report. This calculates the debtor days using: Debtor days = (Account balance/Total amount…


IRIS Time and Fees

Why do I get a brought forward entry on statements?

A statement is a document sent to a client to display the debt amount due. For example, to list invoices that a client has not…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I enter a long business name or trading name?

To enter the full business name users are required to do the following: Client | View | Edit Names Enter the long business name within…


IRIS Accounts Production

How to password protect a Client?

This option can only be accessed by the MASTER USER. Once a Client is Password Protected the Password will be needed to enter into any…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I amend or add a new depreciation policy?

Select Setup | Depreciation policies, IRIS will display a list of depreciation policies. Select [New] to add a new depreciation policy. Select [Change] to amend…