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IRIS Accounts Production

How do I post a revaluation of a fixed asset using the ELTD chart?

In this example, we will assume that a Freehold property has been revalued from £100,000 to £120,000. The Journals are…


IRIS Accounts Production

Changing the position of the accountant's certificate / client approval

Select Setup | Report Options | Certificate/Client Approval (Accountants). Select from the following options: A Separate page showing both B…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I Amend or Extend the accounting period end date on a posting entry?

Select, Posting | Post File Maintenance | Highlight the business | click Entries | Accounts Production will display a list…


IRIS Accounts Production

Error Where Turnover Does Not Agree to Trial Balance

If you wish to create a turnover note which is split by geographical turnover on the ELTD chart, select, Edit…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I create an interim account period end date?

Go to Edit | Account Period End Dates. In the Account Period Maintenance screen IRIS will display a list of…


IRIS Company Secretarial

How do I create a share split?

To enter in a new share split, go to Edit | Share Register, select the Events tab and click New…


IRIS Accounts Production

What is the Quick Accounts List and how do I use it?

The quick accounts list is intended to make it easier to find the correct codes to use for a particular…


IRIS Accounts Production

How to export a file to MS Word

In order to export the accounts into MS Word, Select, Reports | Annual, this will take you to the financial…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I change the MAN report P&L so the figures are not expressed as a %

Users are required to set the following alias, Select, Edit | Report Aliases - Enter 'MS1' in the Standard box…


IRIS Accounts Production

Can I turn off the credit/debit validation?

To turn off the debit/credit validation per batch of postings from within the posting screen, For one client, within the…