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IRIS Accounts Production

Can Accounts Production calculate the INPUT or OUTPUT VAT for a Posting?

Setting up the VAT rates To set up the VAT rates you will need to be logged in as a…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I show Secured Debts - ELTD Chart?

If an analytical breakdown of secured debts is required it can be achieved by entering a tick against items to…


IRIS Accounts Production

How Do I Post Personal Expenses on the EMED Doctors Chart?

To post Personal Expenses on the EMED chart, please foolw the below: Post the credit to the personal expense accounts…


IRIS Accounts Production

Can I print out the Enhanced Chart import map?

To print codes used in the import map: From the menu select Setup | Import maps | Select the import…


IRIS Accounts Production

Trial Balance is out of balance due to Non-Contributing Totals.

Check the Business type, by going into: Client | View. For example: A Sole Trader using the EPST Chart but…


IRIS Accounts Production

The Directors' Spouses shares are not included within the Report of Directors

Please check the following; Ensure that the 'Transactions' have been entered in the Share Register (Edit | Share Register) against…


IRIS Company Secretarial

How do I Transfer shares from one person to another

To post a transfer go to Edit | Share Register, select Transfers and click New. This will open up the…


IRIS Accounts Production

Report Options - Group Settings

Each user group can have its own permissions set. If the client wants standardised formats for the accounts, he can…


IRIS Accounts Production

ICAEW - Directors shares not to include spouses if leaves during year

After speaking to the Institute it was decided that the Directors Report should show the Director holding his spouses share…


IRIS Trust Tax

Agents reference on the 41G

Users are required to: 1. Log on to Trust Tax. 2. From the Setup menu, select Practice Options. 3. Select…