IRIS Payroll, P11D, Bookkeeping & HR Support - Updates

Download the Latest Updates for your IRIS Software

Please Note: Due to the delayed release of the budget for financial year 2020/2021 the delivery dates of our software updates in preparation for FY 2020/2021 have been negatively impacted. Please see for more details and updates.

Follow the links below to download the latest releases.

Please select your payroll product from the list below. Please ensure you download and run the correct installer. If you are unsure look in the "Help" menu and check what software is shown in the "About...." option.

Latest Version: v5.25.0.21
IRIS Payroll Business
Latest Version: v2.23.97
Earnie Intro, Business, Executive
(Including customers formerly
using IRIS Payroll Professional)
Latest Version: v1.34.132
IRIS Bureau Payroll
Latest Version: v2.23.97
IRIS GP Payroll
Latest Version: v2020.1.9
Earnie IQ
Latest Version v1.32.0
IRIS HR Manager
Latest Version: v1.13.0.1
IRIS GP Accounts
Latest Version: v13.0
IRIS Bookkeeping
Latest Version: v1.5.3
Latest Version: v1.18.0