Take a closer look at how cloud hosting can benefit your practice

Cloud hosting offers advanced cybersecurity, improved business continuity, streamlined remote work, and reliable hardware management, all tailored to your practice.  

A hosted desktop is the next step, taking your practice on its digital transformation journey, freeing up your staff from the office, allowing seamless collaboration and reducing risk.  

Whether you choose a private cloud solution, public cloud or hybrid option, you can harness the power of cloud accounting for accountants. 

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Hosting vs cloud hosting

Hosting websites has been around for as long as the internet, but how is this different from cloud hosting? 

Cloud hosting allows you to break free of on-premises hardware, servers and storage and use a cloud solution. This cloud technology uses a network of both virtual and physical servers to host and store your software, applications and data.

See what cloud hosting can do for you

Take a closer look at the positive changes in choosing a hosted desktop for accountants.

  • Work from anywhere

    This is one of the main drivers of accountancy practices moving to a cloud hosting solution.

    Your team can work from anywhere, on any device, on a secure virtual desktop accessed via the cloud. They experience the familiar Windows desktop environment, providing simplicity and continuity.

  • Collaborate seamlessly

    Cloud hosting with Microsoft 365 allows easy collaboration of teams. No more versions of documents sitting on hard drives; your staff can access and work on documents simultaneously.

    Remote meetings become easy using online tools such as Teams and screen sharing.

  • Cost effective scalability

    With public cloud hosting accountants can benefit from easy and flexible scaling. Without heavy investment in infrastructure, such as servers and storage, you can add users or bandwidth to match your capacity needs at certain times of the year or as your business grows.

  • Enhanced security

    A cloud-managed service reduces time spent on dealing with tasks such as software and security updates. You have peace of mind that everything is updated with a resilient and comprehensive business continuity process.

    Security measures reduce the risk of cyber-attacks, including viruses, malware and phishing.

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What to consider for accounting software cloud hosting 

  • Security – do you need the flexibility of different access and permission levels? 
  • Software – are you looking to host all your business software or just specific applications?  
  • Scalability – how will your capacity requirements change over the year and in the future? 
  • Budget – how many users do you need now and will the solution be cost-effective as you grow?
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IRIS Cloud Hosting options

IRIS offers a variety of cloud hosting solutions that help accountancy and bookkeeping firms streamline their work, cut down IT risks, and give their teams more flexibility to work from anywhere.   

Cloud hosting options provide a secure and cost-effective managed service for all your IT needs. Take a look at our products below.

  • IRIS Hosting 1 | Hosted Desktop For Accountants

    A powerful, cost effective solution for private cloud hosting for businesses with under five users. From single applications to a full remote desktop with IT support.

  • IRIS Anywhere 1 | Hosted Desktop For Accountants

    Combine the power of the scalable, managed public cloud solution bringing together industry leading accountancy software and Microsoft tools.

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