HR handbook: how to retain top talent in a modern workforce 

Recruitment has been a major challenge ever since the pandemic. 

As of writing this page, vacancies are still 25% higher than pre-pandemic levels, meaning many businesses continue to suffer from skill gaps.  

This fact is further emphasised by recent mind-boggling stats such as 90% of UK employers are looking to recruit, yet 87% state they are struggling to fill their job vacancies.  

However, while recruitment is important, you mustn’t get tunnel vision. 

Too often, strategies focus on desperately filling gaps, in turn creating a revolving door of people – current employees feel abandoned and subsequently resign, creating a never-ending cycle of vacancies. 

What’s the answer? Well, yes, focusing on recruitment is vital, but your employee retention strategy holds equal (if not greater) value.  

Need help with employee retention? Look no further.  

This free guide explores how you can tackle your staff retention challenges using smart talent management software and strategy.  

Read about: 

  • How retention affects recruitment 
  • Talent management strategy inspired by workplace trends 
  • HR staff management techniques to retain top talent  

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