Use online HR software to connect with the people you manage 

A great HR system should help you and the people you employ feel more connected.  

Cloud-based human resources management software (HRMS) is hosted and accessed online. As long as there’s an internet connection, you and your team can share data and tap into a single source of knowledge.  

And what’s more, because cloud HR systems are automatically updated with new legislation, you can relax knowing your data is compliant. 

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Which businesses use cloud HR software? 

Cloud HR software is used by a diverse range of businesses – from small or scalable start-ups, to medium-sized businesses, to international enterprises. 

Online HR systems can be a valuable tool whether you have a HR department or not. Smaller businesses may use online HR management software to manage their people and keep their data safe. 

In comparison, larger organisations might rely on cloud HR software to cut down on admin, free up time within the HR department, and facilitate flexible working.  

The benefits of cloud-based HR software 

Let’s explore what cloud HR software can do for you and your team:  

  • Work from anywhere

    Cloud HR software gives your team the option of logging into their own HR portal from home, in the office, or via any online device while you’re on the move.  

    An online HR system is designed to look like a virtual desktop, so it’s accessible and easy to use. And because it’s hosted over the internet, you only need an internet connection to log-in and access your HR system. 

  • Save time

    Many businesses use cloud HR software to automate time-consuming tasks and speed up HR processes.  

    Imagine you’re inducting a new member of staff. Rather than having to manually fill-in paper forms to capture employee data, new starters can input their details using the online HR system. 

    That new data will be stored on the cloud, so when it’s time to enrol your new starter into your online timesheets system, an integrated cloud-based HR system will take care of it automatically. 

  • Monitor compliance

    With new legislation and changes to employment law being brought in every year, it can be a challenge for businesses and HR professionals to stay compliant.  

    All online HR systems are updated automatically whenever changes to legislation are made. 

    Whether you’re running payroll, managing shifts and rotas, or keeping on the right side of new laws like IR35, online HR software ensures you’re always compliant.  

  • Strengthens security

    Online HR management software keeps your confidential employee data secure. You don’t have to worry about installing security updates or data protection software – it’s automatically done for you. 

    Many HR software providers include additional security measures as part of their service. For example, you might be able to benefit from enhanced security messages that protect you against data breaches, viruses or ransomware. 

  • Improve employee engagement

    Cloud HR software lets staff take ownership of their data.  

    Employee self-service portals allow your people to conveniently access their information and do things like book holidays, check timesheets, and update personal information. 

    Rather than waiting for your HR team to action requests, your people can save time by logging on to answer their own queries or by completing online forms.  

    While this might sound like a small advantage, measures like these can help staff feel more in control of how they work and help minimise workplace stress. 

  • Facilitate greater collaboration

    Rather than using hard drives and email attachments to store and send documents, an online HR management system allows staff to access everything they need using the cloud. 

    By minimising mistakes and eliminating multiple versions of documents, teams can work together more effectively. 

    Cloud HR software often includes training and L&D features, which staff can use in collaboration with their managers to ensure they’re meeting their career objectives. 

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Featured Guide 

Choosing the right cloud HR software for your business

Download your free A-Z guide on selecting the perfect online HR software. 

Learn if cloud HR software is right for your business, and discover : 

  • What businesses want from cloud HR systems 
  • The key benefits of cloud-based HR software 
  • Common myths about cloud-based systems 
  • Future online HR trends (including AI)  
  • How to choose your ideal cloud-based HR system 
  • Online HR management software recommendations. 

How do you choose the right HR cloud system for you?

Once you’ve decided to invest in an online HR system, you’ll want to seek out a suitable provider.  

Here are some considerations to help refine your search: 

  • Does the HR software include the functionality you need? E.g. Performance management or recruitment features 
  • What is the implementation process like, and is there dedicated support for system migration? 
  • Will the software integrate with your current systems, such as payroll? 
  • What kind of security measures are in place?  What Business Continuity guarantees do they have? 
  • What is the cost structure, and how does that compare with ROI predictions?  
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