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Cascade managed payroll services

Let our payroll experts manage your payroll, so you can rest assured that your employees will be paid accurately, on time, every time. Simply enter your data into our HR & payroll software, Cascade, and our team of experienced payroll managers will take care of the rest.

  • Peace of mind that our CIPP-qualified payroll professionals are handling your payroll process for you
  • Our team will make sure your employees will be paid on time, every time
  • We’ll ensure that your payroll is compliant and accurate with the latest payroll legislation
  • Reduce HR and payroll admin with one payroll & HR software
  • A single point of contact with one of our CIPP professionals for any queries

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Why choose Cascade managed payroll services?

  • Complete peace of mind

    Our dedicated, CIPP-accredited payroll professionals will handle every aspect of your crucial payroll processes

  • Ensure compliance

    We’ll keep your software up to date with the latest payroll legislation and our team of payroll experts will ensure your payroll is compliant

  • Improve efficiency

    Everything is centralised in Cascade – no duplication means you can save time, reduce human errors, and have a more efficient process

  • Consistency

    As your single HR and payroll software and service supplier – this allows for consistency for you in both our standards and communication

  • Consolidate costs

    Our service allows you to consolidate costs without losing control to a third-party – we provide a fully integrated, 360 solutions.

How does Cascade managed payroll services work?

Payroll is a crucial part of every business, but it can be a challenging and ever-changing responsibility, with frequent updates to legislation and processes, so it’s no surprise that many people find it a little overwhelming. If you’re looking for complete peace of mind, Cascade managed payroll services might be the right option for you and your business.

HR manager using absence management software on a laptop
Charts and calculator on desk

Easy data entry via Cascade payroll module

Using Cascade’s renowned, intuitive software, your HR team can still make starter, leaver, salary and post changes, and employees can update expenses, overtime, and send holiday applications for managers to authorise. Your data will be sent automatically to our inhouse payroll experts via Cascade’s secure encrypted system prior to each payroll cut-off date.

Ensuring your employees are paid accurately and on time

We’ll ensure your staff are paid the right amount, on the right date, and with any necessary deductions, before submitting your PAYE information to HMRC to ensure ‘Real Time Information’ compliance. We provide our clients the utmost reassurance that your payroll is being handled by people who fully understand the challenges involved.

HR team discussing HR software at meeting
  • Supported by a team of experienced payroll experts

    We offer expert advice from start to finish, and can fully manage your initial payroll set-up, help populate your payroll system, and conduct parallel runs before your system becomes fully operational. We can even produce payroll reports prior to each run for you to check and authorise, as well as making online payslips available to your workforce via Self-Service.

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