IRIS Customer Circle

The IRIS Customer Advocacy Programme

Welcome to IRIS Customer Circle


You achieve amazing things every day – we want to hear how you do it. 

IRIS Customer Circle is your opportunity to share your experience, showcase your skill and explore your expertise with the wider IRIS community, in which ever form suits you best.  

Demonstrate what makes your organisation great and meet other IRIS advocates.  

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    Be part of the future of IRIS Software Group

    Join us on the journey of our product portfolio, share feedback and make recommendations to help shape our solutions. 

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    Exclusive access to our senior Execs

    As one of our most loyal customers, we want to make sure we’re listening to your feedback on our products and services. Which is why we’ll be inviting the IRIS Customer Circle community to join us on sessions to share your thoughts and grill us on our future plans.  

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    Meet other IRIS Advocates

    We want to create a community of IRIS advocates who can share their stories and successes with one another – giving you the opportunity to network and share insights with like-minded peers.  

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    Promote your business through us

    Tell your story and successes to a wide audience through our events, PR opportunities, webinars or case studies – take to the stage or screen and demonstrate your status as a true thought-leader. 

We’re ready and waiting to invite you into the IRIS Customer Circle – join us today.