IRIS International Managed Payroll

We’ve taken our 40 years of experience in running payroll to create our international payroll outsourcing service. Meaning that if managing employees abroad isn’t for you, you can always turn to IRIS and we’ll coordinate your international payroll across 135 countries.
IRIS International managed payroll | IRIS International Managed Payroll

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The challenges of managing payroll suppliers in multiple languages and the complexities of legislation in each country can make handling international payroll incredibly difficult. But when you choose to outsource to our award-winning service, you gain the benefits of a company that understands global payroll in both mature and emerging international markets.

Eliminate the complexities of paying overseas employees

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A consistently high-quality service that standardises payroll services across 135 countries.

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We ensure legislative compliance no matter the country or requirements.

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One single point of contact that provides English speaking support for all countries.

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Efficiently deliver payslips to every employee no matter what country they work in.

Why IRIS International Managed Payroll?

Payroll leaders
We’re the global leaders in the field and 100% focused on making international payroll easy, pulling our years of expertise into this simple and effective service.

Unrivalled knowledge
We fully understand the complexity of delivering payroll solutions in multiple locations, languages and currencies, across different legislative and business cultures.

All-in-one solution
Our one-stop-shop service is perfect for those looking to set up in a new country as we manage contracts of employment, benefits, pensions, tax and social security reporting.

Currency conversion
For added convenience, we can do business in a single currency of your choice, managing all the conversions while directly paying your employees in their local currency.