Networx Masterclass: Advertising

In this webinar our team of experts will be sharing the latest tips and tricks to help you create more compelling job adverts, achieve higher listings on job boards and attract quality candidates to your business.

Get ready to recruit like a pro with a greater understanding of:  

  • The key elements of a job advert  
  • How to Maximise Job Board exposure
  • Standing out in a crowded, job seeker-driven market

Networx Masterclass: Sourcing

Ready to understand how other organisations are using social media advertising to expand their sourcing strategies beyond the active jobseeker market?

In this masterclass we will cover:

  • Platforms to be considered 
  • Creating the all-important hook  
  • Success Stories

Networx Masterclass: Application Process

Quality candidates don’t hang around for long! Make sure you have the right processes in place to secure top talent quicker!

Join us as we cover:

  • Application forms  
  • Scoring / Filters  
  • Engagement tools  

Networx Masterclass: Interviews

How to streamline your interview booking process to deliver significant time and cost benefits to both recruiters and potential new hires.  

Discover how to be a recruitment pro as we cover:

  • Communicating the process  
  • Self-selection Interviews 
  • Building future talent pools

Networx Masterclass:
Offer & Onboarding

Understand what a good offer and onboarding process looks like and the direct benefits that can be achieved as a result.  

Join us for this exciting masterclass, as we discuss:

  • Offer process and key milestones  
  • Onboarding process  
  • New starter information

Networx Masterclass: Reporting

Get access to the information you need to understand the overall performance of your recruitment and outline areas of improvement.

You don’t want to miss out on this insightful masterclass, where we will be exploring:

  • Vacancy Specific Reports – New Time to Hire Report  
  • Source Reports  
  • Tableau Reporting