IRIS World 2020 – IRIS Payroll Professional

Hundreds of leading payroll professionals from across the accountancy and payroll bureau sector came together for IRIS World 2020 this February. Below you can watch all of the payroll speakers, panel debates, and discussions. Listen to how our customers are managing their clients, hear the latest insights from the CIPP, and prepare to hear about the biggest shake-up to payroll automation in a generation.

IRIS Payroll Professional is designed for Payroll bureaus and payroll professionals. Over 60% of the UK’s top accountancy firms use its unmatched functionality to streamline payroll processing, manage deadlines and expand their offering. Learn more from our customers and payroll professionals below, or get a quotation or demo here.


Examples of Excellence

In the ‘Examples of Excellence’ discussion, Head of Business Development at Cox & Co Payroll Solutions, Tracy Jerram and Head of Payroll at Throgmorton, Virginia Freeman discuss their transition into digital payroll and their recent migrations. The discussion also provides further insight into the latest technology and strategies to streamline payroll processes and deliver the perfect payroll.


Working Smarter, Not Harder

In the ‘Working Smarter, Not Harder’ presentation, Nigel Francis, Operations Director, IRIS Software Group, explores how payroll automation will help our customers work smarter, sharing the IRIS Payroll Professional roadmap and other important updates.


Harnessing the power of your products

In the ‘Harnessing the power of your products’ presentation, Simon Clark-Jones, Implementation Manager, IRIS Software Group, discusses how customers can improve their speed, accuracy and utilise their IRIS products to their full potential.


Payroll Legislation Update

In the ‘Payroll Legislation Update’, Chairman of the Board at CIPP, Jason Davenport, provides insight into the latest payroll mandates so you can look forward with certainty. Jason also explores how businesses can ensure their employees get paid on time, while also keeping up with all the changes.


Building a better future

In the ‘Building a better future’ panel discussion, our panel of payroll sector experts debate what is around the corner for payroll following RTI, AE and GDPR. The panel also explores the next wave of payroll legislation and the impact it will have while also providing insights on how you can prepare for the upcoming changes.


Closing remarks

Chief Operating Officer, David Lockie, rounds up a day of discussions, debates, knowledge sharing and networking.