Upgrading from
IRIS Earnie to Staffology Payroll

We’re inviting our IRIS Earnie customers to switch to Staffology Payroll. On this page, you’ll find all the information you need to upgrade smoothly, securely and as swiftly as possible.

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IRIS Earnie is a great piece of software… but it’s time to change.

Staffology Payroll is easier to use, highly secure and accessible from anywhere. You can swiftly transfer your data from IRIS Earnie to Staffology Payroll – and we’ll give you all the help you need to get started.

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How does Staffology Payroll compare to IRIS Earnie?

It’s the same, but different.
Here’s a check list which compares all the features.


Feature comparison

StaffologyIRIS Earnie
Payroll Automation The automatic submission of payments, journals and pension contributions.
Powerful, Comprehensive API Connection with the other systems or apps that you use to run your business such as such as accounting, HR and payment software, pension providers and payslip portals.
A branded portal 
Off-Payroll Workers
Construction Industry Scheme Payroll functionality
Automatic HMRC Coding Notices Functionality to automatically check for and apply coding notices via connection to HMRC
National Minimum Wage automatic updates
Auto Enrolment Assessments
Pension Management
Legislation appropriate for England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland
Statutory Pay
HMRC Recognised
Customisable Payslips
Comprehensive Reports Pre-built reports to help with checking and reporting on payroll such as variance, gross to net, pension contribution and journals.
BACS & Faster Payments
Easy, no install set up
Weekly releases of features & enhancements
Online P11d Submission without the need for additional software
Payrolling of benefits
Payroll rollback
Deliver payslips via My E-pay Window
Deliver payslips via Open Payslips
Average Holiday Pay
Occupational Sick Pay
Occupational Maternity Pay
Automated Tax Code download from HMRC

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Why upgrade to Staffology Payroll?


Staffology Payroll is a better system for you

We want our customers to have the best. We have a better product that will make your life easier – all with the same reliability as all IRIS products.


Cloud tech = improved security & useablity

You can have peace of mind that your data is kept secure in our UK-based data centres. And because Staffology Payroll is in the cloud, your team can work remotely and collaboratively.


Hassle free payroll

No updates to install, no infrastructure to maintain. If you have no changes, our automatic bot can automatically run your payroll. And you can set up auto-submission of real time info to HMRC.


Easy data transfer

We’ve created a tool to make transferring your data from IRIS Earnie to Staffology Payroll in just a few clicks. No big spreadsheets, no major reconciliation process. And you’ll keep ‘read only’ access to your old payroll, so you can make sure you have access to all your historical data.


Integrate to save time

And because it can integrate with your other systems HR, T&A, Finance – you’re not duplicating work or duplicating data.


What do I need to do to upgrade?

  1. Get to know Staffology Payroll

    Get started by signing up for a free trial! Visit the help centre and read the FAQs to make the most of your trial experience.

  2. New contract

    You will be sent a new contract nearer the time of your current contract renewal date. You can adjust your start date or request an amended offer to suit you.

  3. Getting started

    Once you’ve signed your contract, you’ll be able to access Staffology straight away. Billing will begin on your assigned start date OR from when you submit your first payroll.

  4. Move your data

    It’s as simple as inputting a key from your old system into your new one and we have a clear guide to help you to do it.

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How to move your data?

Our upgrade tool streamlines the process so you can get your information quickly and efficiently from your old product into Staffology Payroll.


What will the new payslips look like?

Payslips in Staffology Payroll will look different to the payslip in IRIS Earnie but they contain all the same information.


How much will
it cost?

Pay per payslip, and as you add more payslips, the cost reduces per one.


How to move your data?

Our upgrade tool streamlines the process so you can get your information quickly and efficiently from your old product into Staffology Payroll.

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How much will it cost? 

Staffology Payroll has a different cost model to IRIS Earnie where you pay per payslip – and that cost reduced as you add more payslips. You’ll need to commit to a 12 month contract, and will be billed on a monthly basis in arrears for the number of payslips you use.

PlanInclusive monthly payslipsMinimum monthly commitmentAdditional payslip price
Plan 15£10.00£2.00
Plan 221£36.75£1.75
Plan 351£76.50£1.50
Plan 4201£251.25£1.25
Plan 5501£501.00£1.00
Plan 61001£750.75£0.75
Plan 72501£1,250.50£0.50


Have you thought about outsourcing your payroll?

Thousands of companies like yours outsource the running of their payroll to the IRIS Fully Managed Payroll team. You can trust IRIS to take care of paying your people on time and keep you up to date with all the latest legislation and reporting responsibilities.

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Customer FAQ

When can I upgrade?

If you’d like to go ahead and upgrade to Staffology, we’ll make it as easy for you as possible. As well as providing a straightforward tool to migrate all your personal data, we’ll even prepare the paperwork. Closer to the renewal date of your current product contract, you’ll be sent a personalised Staffology offer and contract.

How do I move my data?

Our upgrade tool streamlines the process so you can get your information quickly and efficiently from your old product into Staffology Payroll. Find out more about our upgrade tool.

Is my data safe?

We are committed to maintaining planned legislative updates on your IRIS Earnie Payroll Software platform through March 2024 (tax year 2024-2025) and we will be in contact with customers if we decide not to continue supporting the product after that time.

What if I change my mind? Can I switch back to the old system if I don’t like it?

As part of this system, your data is transferred from the old system to the new system, this is a one-way process. If you choose to, you’ll be able to parallel run two systems while you’re waiting for your new contract to begin.

Does this mean that you’re going to end of life my product?

The last planned legislative update on your IRIS Earnie Software platform is for March 2024 (tax year 2024-2025), meaning you’ve got plenty of time try out Staffology Payroll and move across when you’re ready.

I’m a payroll bureau customer

Staffology’s Bureau Payroll Software has been designed specifically to meet the unique demands of multi-company payroll service provision. It is packed with functionality such as payroll timetables with alerts and reminders and a secure interface that clients can access in order to drive efficiencies by reducing administration and errors freeing your time to focus on nurturing and growing your payroll clients. To find out more about Staffology Bureau and the price, please get in touch with us to discuss.

I’ve received an offer, what next?

You can sign that off and we’ll get instructions to help you get started with Staffology Payroll. You could also choose to amend the start date OR the cost banding that you’ve been allocated.