Upgrading from
12Pay to
Staffology Payroll

What’s Happening?

As a customer currently using 12Pay, we’re reaching out to you and your organisation with an exciting proposal.  

We’d like to offer you the opportunity to upgrade to our next generation of cloud payroll software, Staffology Payroll. Think of it like any other software update; the product is evolving to keep pace with changes in technology and legislation.   Today 12,000 employers have chosen Staffology Payroll and we are supporting more than 300,000 employees!

Staffology migration

What is Staffology Payroll? 

Like 12Pay, Staffology Payroll is an IRIS software product that’s HMRC-approved and offers comprehensive reporting features so you can see how your payroll is progressing. 

Powered by cloud software, Staffology Payroll is a next-generation solution that makes running your payroll even easier and faster. Enjoy the same reliability and support you’ve come to expect from IRIS, plus some exciting new features. 

We believe our customers deserve the very best in technology and service. That’s why we’re offering you the chance to upgrade when your contract with 12Pay is due for renewal. 

Why Staffology Payroll?

As a valued 12Pay customer, we’re excited to offer you the opportunity to upgrade – and for good reason! 

Here are some of the benefits of Staffology Payroll we’re looking forward to sharing with you: 

  • Scalable – Run your payroll your way with scalable services that can grow as you do, with price models to match. 
  • Cloud-based – Access this fully online system anytime, anywhere; all you need is an internet connection. 
  • Automated – Rely on smart automation features to cut down on admin and guarantee greater payroll accuracy. 
  • Integrated – Sync up with your existing IRIS or third-party HR software, from timesheets to talent management. 
  • Accessible – Skip the tech tutorials with user-friendly interfaces, platforms, and branded customer portals. 
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Feature comparison

Staffology 12Pay
Payroll Automation The automatic submission of payments, journals and pension contributions.
Powerful, Comprehensive API Connection with the other systems or apps that you use to run your business such as such as accounting, HR and payment software, pension providers and payslip portals.
A branded portal Option for custom URL and branded portal to match company/bureau logo and colours.
Off-Payroll Workers
Construction Industry Scheme Payroll functionality
Automatic HMRC Coding Notices Functionality to automatically check for and apply coding notices via connection to HMRC
National Minimum Wage automatic updates
Auto Enrolment Assessments
Pension Management
Legislation appropriate for England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland
Statutory Pay
HMRC Recognised
Customisable Payslips
Comprehensive Reports Pre-built reports to help with checking and reporting on payroll such as variance, gross to net, pension contribution and journals.
BACS & Faster Payments
Easy, no install set up
Weekly releases of features & enhancements
Online P11d Submission without the need for additional software
Payrolling of benefits
Payroll rollback
Deliver payslips via My E-pay Window
Deliver payslips via Open Payslips
Average Holiday Pay
Occupational Sick Pay
Occupational Maternity Pay
Automated Tax Code download from HMRC
Publish to Open Payslips
Multi-Factor Authentication Login
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Migrating your payroll data from 12Pay to Staffology Payroll

When upgrading from 12Pay to Staffology Payroll, you can use the IRIS Payroll Upgrade Tool to migrate almost all your data and system settings in a matter of minutes, including: 

  • Employer and employee details 
  • Next pay day information 
  • Year-to-date amounts 
  • Pay codes 
  • Pensions and automatic enrolment details 
  • Attachment orders 
  • Employment allowance indicator 
  • Apprenticeship levy indicator and allowance 
  • Holiday leave settings (selected availability) 
  • HMRC values (selected availability). 

You don’t need to worry about transferring anything manually or losing important data – the Upgrade Tool takes care of it all automatically. 

Here’s what you need to know when it’s time to upgrade to Staffology Payroll

This migration timeline lays out what you can expect from the upgrade process as you move closer to the date your 12Pay contract is up for renewal.

  1. Ready to get started

    4 months

    When your 12Pay contract is due to renew in 4 months’ time, you will receive a notification via email reminding you to prepare for your upgrade.

    This can be a good time to check out the 12Pay Payroll help centre to learn more about the process – you could even start exploring some of the new features you’ll benefit from when you switch to Staffology Payroll.

  2. Familiarise yourself with Staffology

    3 months

    It’s the perfect time to create an account with Staffology Payroll so you can try out the software for free and see it in action.

  3. Start using Staffology Payroll

    2-3 months

    You should be prepared to set up a direct debit for Staffology Payroll billing. Billing will begin when you submit your first pay run within Staffology Payroll.

  4. Migrate your data

    1-2 months

    As you get to grips with your new Staffology Payroll software, you can start migrating your data and some of your system settings over from 12Pay.

    You can read more about the data migration process and watch a demonstration in the 12Pay Payroll Help Centre.


Customer Stories

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Customer FAQs

We will be in contact approximately 4 months before your contractual renewal to tell you more about the upgrade and explain the migration process step by step.

Our upgrade tool does the heavy lifting for you by moving your data from your existing product to Staffology Payroll. You can find more info on the upgrade here.


We are committed to updating 12Pay with planned legislative updates through to March 2024 and will offer support until March 2025. We are encouraging customers to move to our replacement product Staffology Payroll.

Staffology Bureau Payroll has been designed specifically to meet the unique demands of multi-company payroll service provision. To find out more about Staffology Bureau and pricing, please get in touch with your account manager or our IRIS sales team.

It will vary based on the number of clients and payslips you process, but on average we find it takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

Yes, you can still log into your old payroll product and access the information; though after your license for your old product expires, you will no longer have access to its full functionality.

If Staffology Payroll isn’t the solution for your business, another option is to outsource your payroll requirements, we have Fully Managed Payroll to support your business.

You can, however, please be advised that we are unable to offer refunds to the remaining credit you may have on you existing product.

Staffology Payroll Training Modules:

Our training modules will provide you with information about Staffology Payroll, from the basics and getting started, to the various levels of functionality Staffology will over you and your organisation.