What’s Happening?

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Why IRIS Elements?

IRIS Elements has been proven to save 25% more time on standard tax and accounts preparation tasks when tested against existing desktop software*

  • REMOTE UPDATES: Say goodbye to software installations. While keeping your data secure, cloud-based IRIS Elements is managed directly by us, so you don’t have to do anything to get the latest version.
  • ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE: No need to come into the office if you don’t need to, with our cloud technology you can access your account from anywhere.
  • LATEST SECURITY: Benefit from the latest developments in cloud security, keep pace and protect yourself from the latest scams and security challenges.
  • REGULATORY SPEED: With IRIS Elements we can implement the latest regulatory changes almost overnight. No major releases required – if regulation changes, so does your software through continuous deployment.
  • ACCURACY: One client record across everything means no duplication, less risk of error and less time wasted re-entering information.
  • OPTIONS: A single source of the truth for your client is used by not just Tax and Accounts Production, but by all products available in IRIS Elements, including AML, Practice Management and Proposal Manager.

Feature comparison

TaxfilerIRIS Elements Tax & Accounts
General Features
Customisable Home Dashboard Gives a view of job status
Statutory Accounts
Corporation Tax
Individual Self Assessment
Partnership Self Assessment
Trusts & Estates Self Assessment
Client CSV Import
HMRC Client Information
Bulk Tax Year Roll forward
Kashflow Connect

Here’s what you need to know

The timeline of your upgrade is based on your renewal date.

Your next renewal will be onto IRIS Elements. Here are the key timelines for you to understand:

  1. 4 months before your renewal date

    If you’re eligible to upgrade to Elements, you’ll receive an email from us around 4 months before your renewal date. This email will provide further details on what to expect next.

  2. 2-3 months before your renewal date

    You’ll receive a call from a member of our team. You’ll be able to discuss your options and learn which Elements products you’ll be upgrading to.

  3. 1 month before your renewal date

    Your order will be confirmed with us so we can start getting your Elements account ready.

  4. On your renewal date

    You’ll get access to your new IRIS Elements account. It’ll have all the products you need to get going. You’ll also gain access to our migration tools.

  5. First 3 months after renewal date

    You’ll still have access to your PTP account for 3 months after your renewal date free of charge, you will not pay for your PTP product within this period. You can gradually migrate data over to Elements while finishing up your work in PTP.

See what our customers are saying

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Customer FAQs

Our help centre has all the information you need and we are constantly reviewing what questions we are being asked. If you have a question let us know.

Do I have to move?

Yes eventually, we are rolling IRIS Elements out to PTP customers slowly to give our customers the best experience. IRIS Elements, our next generation MTD ready solution, is where we will be developing and delivering all the latest tools and capabilities to support your business. The last legislative update for PTP will be March 2025. After this point, there will be no further renewals.

When will you contact me?

If eligible to move to IRIS Elements, you will be invited to renew onto IRIS Elements at least four months before your renewal date.

How do I know if I am eligible?

We look at a few things to determine when to contact you; your renewals date, which PTP products you own, how many PTP products you own, the number of users.

Will I pay for two products?

No, your 3-month extension to PTP is free of charge whilst you move your data to IRIS Elements and become familiar with your new solution.

What happens at the end of the 3-month period?

Your PTP product will move to read-only, you can still view your client data, you can still migrate you data over to IRIS Elements however all new clients and new work will need to be done in IRIS Elements – you will not be able to submit tax returns and file accounts via PTP.

How will I receive my invoice?

Your new invoice will come from IRIS Elements rather than PTP.

How do you keep my data safe?

When you migrate a record into Elements, it remains exactly as it was in PTP. This means that if you encounter any problems while migrating or make a mistake when editing the record in Elements, you’ll still have that backup copy of your data in PTP which can be migrated again if needed.

What’s the process?

To avoid common data transfer issues like duplication, loss of data, and mapping issues, we’ve created custom migration tools to make the migration process as straightforward as possible. More information will be available in our Help Centre.