IRIS Unveils IRIS Elements Central Business Review, Client Dashboard Module  

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Posted: 15th May 2024

London, UK, 15 May 2024: IRIS Software Group, a leading global software provider of accounting, edtech, payroll and HR solutions, today unveiled IRIS Elements Central Business Review, a new client dashboard module for its IRIS Elements cloud software platform. This module will help IRIS Elements users facilitate advisory conversations with their clients and is available for demo for the first time at IRIS’ stand, 940, at Accountex.

Available in May 2024 for early adopter customers, IRIS Elements Central Business Review is a unified dashboard that leverages client accounting data to display a range of key performance indicators (KPIs) and real-time updates. With this dashboard, accountants will be better equipped to conduct financial performance health checks with clients, reducing the time spent switching between different bookkeeping tools, running ad hoc reports, and referring to multiple spreadsheets.

Mark Chambers, Managing Director for Accountancy at IRIS commented: “In today’s age of rapid digital transformation, clients are seeking quick, real-time insights and advice from their accountant. With businesses generating increasing amounts of financial data across disparate software systems, it’s more important than ever to invest in interoperability. At IRIS, we want to ensure our Elements customers have access to consistent, accurate data to meet, and exceed, these evolving client expectations.”

This module is made possible through IRIS’ agile software design and API architecture that extracts and transforms external data from third-party applications and bookkeeping tools – allowing for desktop and cloud applications to intelligently communicate back and forth (bi-directionally) and synchronise data in real-time. The first version of the module will provide full integration with Xero, and future versions will be able to pull third-party data from a wider ecosystem of vendors including all the major bookkeeping products.

IRIS Elements is a cloud-based platform, so this new module will be constantly enhanced and updated in real-time. This cloud functionality also establishes a centralized hub of current and historical data across various sources, allowing for improved data quality, query performance and a comprehensive view of trends over time.

Chambers continued: “The battleground for modern businesses is data and IRIS is on a mission to help our customers stay future-facing with cutting-edge technologies, such as machine learning, pattern recognition, workflow inspection, and natural language processing. We will continue to help our accountancy clients accelerate their digital transformation journeys by exploring and integrating new technologies with user experience and security top-of-mind.”