IRIS Software Group unveils significant growth in adoption of cloud-based HCM solutions 

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Posted: 29th December 2023

IRIS Software Group (IRIS) is today unveiling the significant growth and market adoption of its core human capital management (HCM) offerings, IRIS Cascade and Staffology By IRIS, designed to help businesses of all sizes navigate an uncertain world where managing, growing and supporting their people is a strategic goal.  

To support businesses both today and tomorrow, IRIS is focused on its cloud offerings which provide significant benefits for customers. This year, more than 1,000 customers have moved from legacy software to IRIS’ cloud-based solutions, joining the 16,000 additional businesses using its HCM cloud platform.  

A customer using Staffology Payroll comments, “I was happy using the desktop payroll software and the idea of switching to cloud-based software seemed daunting. But after seeing the demo, I was sold on the benefits and it made sense to switch. Staffology Payroll streamlines tasks making payroll less of a burden, and I think it’s going to save us quite a bit of time. I think the software is good value for money and I’m confident this will be a great move for our business.”

Integration has also been key and with the IRIS’ Application Programming Interface, customers easily connect with other workforce management, performance and talent development providers, such as Rotageek and Eloomi. This provides further efficiencies and allows businesses to streamline even more processes, making HCM even faster and easier. 

IRIS supports more than 300,000 British organisations with payroll, with one in six UK employees paid through its payroll solutions. In the first four months of this fiscal year (May to August 2023) IRIS’ software produced 1.8 million domestic managed payroll slips – more than a 7% increase on the previous year. 

Its integrated HR and payroll solutions support customers including Deloitte, AEGON, McLaren, KP Snacks and Rocket Software across the entire employee lifecycle, from hire to retire. 

Testament to IRIS’ support for businesses of all sizes, Staffology – the cloud-first integrated payroll and HR suite designed for small businesses – has seen significant growth. This includes 90% year-on-year growth in companies processing payroll on the platform and 310,000 UK employees live on the system. 

Stephanie Coward, Managing Director of HCM at IRIS comments, “Talent management has become increasingly important due to the ongoing skills shortage, evolving roles in an AI-driven world and the impact of the pandemic on remote work. As a result, employees now desire even greater connection and engagement in the workplace. To tackle this, we have made significant investments into Cascade and Staffology which will ensure businesses of all sizes and their employees can benefit from truly integrated solutions.” 

To help organisations drive better employee engagement, IRIS has launched the MyCascade Mobile App as part of the IRIS Cascade suite, allowing organisations to easily interact with their HR system. Tens of thousands of users now use the app, which enables employees to access tasks, book holidays and check payslips on the go. The app streamlines user experience and critically integrates with HR systems and company branding, which enhances compliance and security while freeing up HR professionals from admin burdens.