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Processing your employee’s payroll is a critical part of your business, however it’s a time-consuming task and errors can so easily be made. By choosing an outsourced payroll solution like IRIS Fully Managed Payroll, you can be confident in the knowledge that your employees are paid on time, every time.

Switching from software to service has never been easier, our experts will ensure you never have to worry about payroll ever again. From managing payroll year end to ever-changing payroll legislation, we’ve got you covered.

Simple set-up. No hidden fees. Pain-free payroll.

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Save time and resources, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your organisation, and your bottom line.

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You will have a dedicated named-contact, a human who knows your businesses payroll inside and out. You can rely on us to be there for you week in, week out.

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Our first-class 99.9% accuracy rating ensures that you never have to worry about hiccups with your payroll, nor do you need to fret about non-compliance.

We make switching to our Managed Payroll Service easy.

Outsourcing your payroll for the first time can seem daunting. Payroll is a time-critical activity. Your employees need to be paid on time every time so people worry that the changeover could potentially cause delays or inaccuracies. To ease concerns about what will actually happen when you move your payroll to IRIS Fully Managed Payroll, your dedicated implementation consultant will fully support you throughout the switching process, making it hassle-free, ensuring no disruption and ensuring your employees get paid correctly on-time.

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Outsourcing payroll to IRIS  can save you time and provide peace of mind.

With IRIS Fully Managed Payroll, you’ll benefit from:

A dedicated named contact – not a helpdesk. Speak to a human who knows your payroll.

A scalable Managed Payroll solution as you grow. You can integrate your payroll with HR or any other systems, so that data flows seamlessly and automates processes.

Centers of excellence e.g., International payroll, whatever your industry, education, hospitality, construction etc – we can support you and have centers of excellence.

Us actually doing the work. We don’t use third parties to run the payroll, we run it our own tech and we’re investing in it.

Access to the Employer Portal which is easy to use and gives you full visibility of your payroll.