SCHOOL REFUNDS – Trips/Activities/Dinner Money

Guidance for parents

As a result of the recent decision by the Government to close all schools, we are happy to provide the advice below to help schools and parents at this difficult and unprecedented time. The advice below deals specifically with schools wishing to refund cancelled trips and activities, as well as unspent school dinner money.

Refund process

Only schools can refund payments to parents from within the +Pay software.  +Pay cannot do this on behalf of schools, so please do not contact us for this purpose.

Refunds processed by schools will be returned to parents in the same way in which the payment was originally made i.e. if the payment was made by a credit or debit card, it will be returned to the same card, if it was made by PayPal it will be returned to the PayPal account, and if it was made by cash, the school will either repay it in cash or by cheque (please check with the school).

School dinner money

The situation with school dinners and caterers varies from school to school, and in addition many schools may continue to provide meals for children of key workers or alternative strategies will be put in place.

Regardless of the complexity, schools will be providing refunds of dinner money or may give parents the option of leaving their dinner money balance intact if preferred.

Each school will communicate with its parents about the options and will be issuing refunds where appropriate or required.

Trip & activity refunds

In some cases, schools will not have paid school trip suppliers and can return the funds to +Pay so it can be refunded to parents from within the software.  In other cases, it may take a little time for schools to recover the funds from trip suppliers or insurers before they return it to +Pay and be refunded.

Contacting schools

Schools are incredibly busy at this challenging time and we would politely ask you not to contact them about refunds unless necessary. Schools will be in contact with all parents at the appropriate time to give details of the refunds they are making and when to expect them. +Pay is providing help and support to schools as needed, and we are extremely grateful for your cooperation and support.