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Whatever your organisation’s needs, IRIS can help you to ensure you have the systems and services you require to maintain compliance, optimise productivity, and sustain client and team engagement. This way, you can ensure business continuity and certainty in uncertain times.

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No matter your sector, all organisations need to continue to operate in this time of crisis, to ensure they meet their customers’ needs, whatever life throws their way.


Whatever the coming months hold, we understand you need tools to help your practice to be as effective and productive as possible so you can continue to provide the highest standard of service to your clients.

From practice management tools to support remote working, to solutions that optimise system security, we can empower your practice to work productively from any location, all while ensuring compliance with strict legislation.

We take the stress out of managing your practice remotely, helping you to thrive in times of uncertainty.

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In uncertain times, you need tools to remove the complexity of running payroll, saving you time and resource.

Our secure payroll solutions support you in achieving this goal, empowering your team to maintain optimum productivity and legislative compliance wherever they are working.

In doing so, we enable you to keep up with the latest emergency legislation so you can pay your people on time, every time.

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HR software lies at the core of every successful business, especially in these uncertain times.

To be truly effective, you need a central resource designed to increase employee engagement while also allowing your HR team to work remotely.

Available anytime, any place and on any device, our HR solutions enable you to achieve these goals, empowering your team to work effectively wherever they are based.

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Business Accounting

In times of crisis, the key to business success lies in the way you harness financial knowledge.

Now more than ever, you need tools to enable you to use data and insight about your business to help you find new ways to thrive.

Our solutions ensure you have access to this mission-critical information no matter where you are working. You can take your financial and administrative data with you anywhere in the world and work collaboratively from any location.

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In times like these, you need tools to automate your critical operation tasks so your school, academy or trust can run smoothly, even with the team working from home.

From parent communications apps and school management systems, to tools that optimise GDPR governance, our solutions support your school, academy or trust to work efficiently and flexibly.

Help for the education sector

Product support for all sectors

Job Retention Scheme

Unsure how to take advantage of the Job Retention Scheme? Need to know more about helping your practice’s self-employed clients in accessing the Government’s self-employed support scheme?

Or do you simply have questions about how our solutions can support your organisation through the COVID-19 crisis?

Then head to our Product Support page for in-depth technical advice on how to harness our solutions to ensure compliance with the new emergency legislation.

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Job Retention Scheme

Explaining the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

If your organisation has been negatively affected by the current COVID-19 lockdown, and unable to maintain your present workforce, you could qualify for the Government’s newly-introduced Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

To support you in understanding the scheme, we have created a comprehensive guide, explaining everything you need to know about the initiative, how it works, whether you are eligible to apply, and what you need to do to make a claim.

Learn more about the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

When is it time for SMEs to seek HR advice

Furlough calculator

Furlough calculator

HMRC has launched a Furlough Calculator to show you how much you can claim from the Government to cover wages for UK employees furloughed via the new Job Retention Scheme.

Just enter the start and end date of your claim, your employees’ normal gross wage, and your employees’ National Insurance category letter, and the calculator will do the rest. It will show you how much of your payroll HMRC will cover, so you can ensure your team continues to be paid the correct amount.

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Listen to our webinars to hear the latest advice from sector experts on ensuring compliance with the new COVID-19 legislation.

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Read our guides to learn how IRIS can support you in maintaining business continuity.

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