Sports club HR solutions

Sports clubs can thrive when everyone feels connected, engaged, and motivated to be their best. An HR team that has time to focus on driving team spirit and culture across the whole organisation is one that makes a difference to the performance of the club as a whole, from game day to revenue generation.

We’re on the touchline, ready to help

Our powerful HR tools can be easily tailored to fit the precise needs of your sports club — and support the way you engage with ticket-takers and volunteers through to business leaders and star players.

At IRIS, we understand the demands and opportunities facing HR professionals at sports clubs. IRIS HR software helps you manage processes that empower your sports club and support best practice, from onboarding new starters, to protecting sensitive data and measuring people’s well being and performance.

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Cascade is tailored to meet our individual organisation needs and has enabled us to streamline our processes and automate our administration. In addition, Cascade suits our organisation because we can scale up with the software as needed. We’re very happy with IRIS
England Golf , HR Director

Whatever the size of your club, we’ve got a way to help

At IRIS, we understand the demands and opportunities facing HR professionals at sports clubs. We’ve got years of experience in helping English Premier League sides, top rugby clubs, sports governing bodies and other elite sports organisations to grow their talent pool of top performers on and off the pitch.

Support and resources

HR in sport — how everyone can hit top form
At sports clubs, everyone’s performance matters to the success of the team and the business. But how can all your people hit top form every day? Our infographic points the way forward.
Is your sports club’s HR tech world-class?
People are the most important part of any team – from the stars to the support staff. HR in a sports club can be a huge factor in driving your club’s success. Is your HR helping you to win or holding you back? Now you can get to the truth in moments. Use our ultimate sports HR checklist to apply five fitness tests.
Why HR matters so much in sport
Sports clubs need everyone to be at the top of their game — to win on the pitch and succeed as a business. Packed with industry insights, this whitepaper explores how you can build culture and drive performance, season after season.

Boost your performance in other areas

Manage your club’s payroll more effectively 

Paying people correctly, and on time, is important in making the club feel like a well-oiled team. Having your HR and payroll teams chasing bank changes or errors uses up valuable time that could be better spent on building that team culture. IRIS payroll software reduces time-consuming admin, ensures accuracy, and simplifies compliance for sports clubs. Everything from payslips and bonuses, to personal details and holidays, is securely stored in one central location, and ensures that privacy is protected by restricting access to only those that should see the details. Find out more…

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Sharpen your decision making in real-time

Knowing what the financial situation of your club is, no matter what ledger the revenue is on, can make or break a club’s finances. The ability to forecast accurately, and to model financial scenarios across multiple ledgers, gives your finance team the insight to truly drive the club into the future. The IRIS Financials interface lets people across your organisation make the decisions that matter – in real-time. There’s no time-wasting reporting process. Access the data and then act using this industry-leading unified ledger system. Find out more…