Episode 30: How fresh thinking can tackle the employee wellbeing crisis 

THE HUMAN SOURCE — a podcast for tomorrow’s HR and Payroll professionals.

The pandemic created mass disruption, requiring quick reactions and the need for both business leaders and employees to be innovative.

Since returning to some level of normality, the new way of working we were promised where people would have greater freedom, better usage of new technology and more opportunity to be daring seems to have ground to a halt, trapping many in a monotonous cycle, resulting in poor mental health.

But with uncertainty caused by the cost of living, economic pressure and now the transformative promise of artificial intelligence (AI), the need for fresh thinking has once again arisen.

In this podcast, Anthony Wolny, Communications Business Partner at IRIS Software Group, interviews Liggy Webb, Award-Winning Speaker & Author, to uncover how reigniting innovation and comradery in the workplace can fuel better employee engagement and wellbeing.

Anthony Wolny
Communications Business Partner, IRIS Software Group

Liggy Webb
Award-winning Speaker & Author