Alan Gregory
1 minute length
Posted: 18th September 2020

IRIS HR Professional Q3 2020 Product Update

July – September 2020 Update

We are constantly striving to enhance the functionality IRIS HR Professional delivers to its users. This product update provides information on new features, enhancements and fixes developed during July to September 2020.

All new features and enhancements arise from feedback and suggestions from customers.

Existing users can suggest product enhancement ideas in the Big Ideas portal available from the Guide page within the IRIS HR Professional product.

Complete release notes are available in the Guide page within the IRIS HR Professional product.

Absence/ Holiday

Ability to manually enter hours – Where employees are set up with direct entry absence, hours taken can now be manually entered into each box instead of using mouse clicks. Users can enter values that match the set work pattern e.g. if quarterly, you can only type in 0, 0.25, 0.5 etc.

Email notifications for Set Rights – To enable users manage the security of their company date more closely, we have added the ability to be informed via email of any changes that are made to Set Rights in your system. Assign an email address and it will receive update notification emails for any change to Set Rights

Absence Request function to use Holiday Remaining – Where an employee is on a direct entry work pattern, the system will now check the amount of leave being requested against the Holiday Remaining rather than the work pattern.

For example, an employee has 6 hours holiday left to take but they are requesting it on a day that their work pattern shows they usually work 8 hours, the system will allow them to submit their request, even where they have chosen 6 hours or less in the Work Pattern field of the Holiday Request form.

System Customisation

Custom Login screens – If you require a custom login screen, please contact your account manager. You will then be able to create the login screen yourself via System Tools > Utilities > Company > Branding screen. On the Branding Screen user can set:

  • Specify container colour
  • Specify box colour
  • Hide logo
  • Add an image
  • Adjust sizing
  • Preview to see how your changes will be displayed

Full details of how to create your custom login screen will supplied in a user guide.

Time & Expenses

Modifying saved records in Time and Expense – When modifying a saved record, the Type 2/Type 3 fields only display the options that should be available based on the Type 1 selection that has been made. Where the Type 2/Type 3 fields are free text, search will only bring back options linked to the Type 1 selection or unlinked options.

Document Management

Ability to add Documents to a Time record – This update includes the ability to add documents to a Time record.

Document supporting self-certified sickness – Users can now add a document when self-certifying sickness. A new tick box in the Self-Certification screen indicates a document is to be attached. Uses can upload the Document and it goes to Linked Documents

Android App

Our Android app, a trimmed down version of the main site, is now available from the Google Play Store. Search for IRIS HR Professional or click the Get it from Google Play icon on your login screen.

Quick Queries

We have added significant functionality to Quick Queries for users.

Password Protection– There is now a Password field on the Quick Report configuration screen. Users enter the password they want to use, and the password is applied to the downloaded report. PDF reports are produced as a .zip file if they are password protected

Run reports from configuration screen – When users select a saved Quick Report from the list, they now have the option to select Run from the top of the Quick Reports screen. The Run option is not available until the report has been saved

Snapshots – When updating a Quick Report and amending the Snapshot field to No, you will retain all previously saved snapshots.  Scheduling details are now included in Snapshots

Scheduling Quick Reports – IRIS HR Professional+ customers only – It’s now possible to schedule Quick Reports to run at regular intervals. Users can have a maximum of five reports scheduled to run at a time.

Users can in an existing report can select the Schedule Report option. Here they can set the:

  • start date
  • stop date
  • delivery options (the recipients user permissions restrict the data included in the report)
  • frequency option to run the report (daily, weekly, monthly etc)

Custom Fields (for IRIS HR Professional+ Customers only) – We have added the ability to combine certain fields to make a new field – e.g. multiplying number fields or combining text fields to allow users to customise and refine quick queries even further.

Shared Dashboard – We have added the facility to publish a Quick Query panel to a Shared Dashboard. New button on Dashboard screen labelled Shared Dashboard.

Add Dashboard Panel and Shared Dashboard are only accessible to those with System Tools and System Utilities permissions unless someone is targeted within a Shared Dashboard. In other words, no Shared Dashboard button is visible unless there is something for you to view or you have permissions to add a shared dashboard.

Other Product Enhancements

We have redesigned the format of automated emails, so any message now appears at the top of the email, and the Subject is more apparent.

Time – We have added additional ‘Total’ fields to the Time report for the following fields Break and Total

System Lock – When System Tools > Utilities > Company > System Lock is applied, users who are logged in are automatically logged out when they attempt to use the system.

Username & Password Management – Users can now change their own username and password from within the system. Update Username and Update Password options are now included under Available Actions on the Personal tab.

Perform – Users are now able to delete a framework item when that item is not linked to an employee’s Perform record. Go to System Tools > Utilities > Apps > Perform Framework > Click on the Actions drop box > Select Framework > and delete as required

Standard Perform template included in Perform – The Perform module now includes a standard template by default.


We have added the ability to create Webhooks within System Tools, for our + Customers only. For full details please see the Webhooks guide.

Ability to switch off the Termination Balance option – We have added the option to disable the recalculation of the Termination Balance on the Personal tab. This enables you to enter your own Termination Balance for an employee and it will not be recalculated if further changes are later made to that employee.

Approve / Decline with Comment – We have added the option to include comments made during the Approve/Decline process in the emails sent. All employees/approvers involved in the request will see all comments added to the request.

Once enabled, the Employee and any other Approvers will see all Comments added. Comments will also pull through to the .vcs file attachment with the rest of the details imported to Outlook

Asset Reference on Equipment tab – We have updated the functionality on the Equipment tab to enable users to see whether an asset is available before you allocate it. The Date Fields now appear at the top of the form, with Asset Reference field underneath. Enter the dates the employee wishes to have the asset. If an asset reference has already been assigned to an employee for those dates, it does not appear in the list