Alan Gregory
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Posted: 22nd December 2021

IRIS HR Professional Q4 2021 Product Update

October to December 2021 Update

We are constantly striving to enhance the functionality IRIS HR Professional delivers to its users. This product update provides information on new features, enhancements and fixes developed during October to December 2021.

All new features and enhancements arise from feedback and suggestions from customers.

Existing users can suggest product enhancement ideas in the Big Ideas portal available from the Guide page within the IRIS HR Professional product.

Complete release notes are available in the Guide page within the IRIS HR Professional product.

New User Interface (UI)

Over the course of the quarter we continued to work to improve the user interface with many small enhancements.

Look out for details on the bigger changes to come in the January 2022 release, which will see a redesign of the Home screen.

Organisation chart

We have made a few changes to the Organisation Chart panels as follows:

  • Organisation Chart button on each panel renamed View Team
  • Replaced X on top right of the panel which closes it and returns you to the previous view
  • Font size increased on Email, Work Phone and Work Mobile
  • Email, Work Phone and Work Mobile centralised
  • Employee Name text colour now black so it does not appear interactive

System Security

We are committed to keeping your product secure and in this release, we have addressed several items proactively identified through our ongoing security programme, which includes independent penetration testing.

Payslips via IRIS MyEPayWindow

For users whose payslip information comes from MEPW, we have added the following fields to the payslip:

  • Net Pay YTD
  • Employer Pension YTD
  • Employer’s NI YTD
  • NI Rate
  • Pay Method

Supported Browsers

We have added a page to the Guide section describing the web browsers we support. As of October 2021, we support these browsers.

Browser Supported
Internet Explorer (v11) No
Edge Legacy (v18) No
Edge Chromium (from v79) Yes
Chrome (from v33) Yes
Firefox (from v31) Yes
Safari (from v14) Yes


This list will be updated on a regular basis and administrators are advised to visit the guide section to view the latest supported browsers.

Presenting Holiday Accruals

When you opt to use the Holiday Accruals function, it becomes the default view on the Home screen, on the Absence tab, and in the My Summary section.

You can enable Holiday Accruals via System Tools > Utilities > System Configuration.

In response to requests from the Big Ideas portal we have added Holidays Taken to the Employee Balances report.

Big Ideas Suggestions

Following feedback from customers we have added the following features:

Displaying Personal Pronouns

Users can now choose to display their personal pronouns within the system. A Preferred Pronoun field now appears as a Lookup field on the My Details > Personal tab.

You can select from the pre-populated values:

  • She / Her
  • He / Him
  • They / Them

Appears in System Tools > Lookup Tables > Personal allowing an Administrator to add further options

Once saved, preferred pronouns then appear on the Profile view in Directories and in the Org Chart

Nationality Mandatory Field

If you have access to Screenbuilder, you can now set the Nationality field on Personal tab to be Mandatory.

If you do this however, the automatic GDPR functionality to hide fields depending on the employee’s Country on the Contract tab is ignored.