An app led service that will solve that age-old problem of clients swamping you with big bags of receipts. IRIS Snap eliminates time wasted on keying in data from paper records and reduces the increasing burden of quarterly VAT and MTD.

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You and your clients get a mobile app (Available for iPhone and Android phones) that offers seamless capturing and processing of receipts, invoices, purchase orders and bank statements.
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What IRIS Snap can do for you

Clients often lose receipts and invoices and fail to keep complete records. Many hand you bags of receipts, leaving you to digitise the data. What a headache! Think of all the hours you waste keying in that information. You need to free up your time and resources for higher value work, such as business advisory services. You must also satisfy clients’ demands for a real-time view of their financial health, rather than just year-end.

Incomplete records, lost receipts and invoices become a thing of the past as clients ‘snap’ these on the go. Using the IRIS Snap app, an accountant’s small business clients can capture photos of receipts, invoices, purchase orders and bank statements for seamless processing by IRIS into digital records ready for the accountant to review and publish directly into KashFlow.

IRIS Snap frees up your time to focus on high-value advisory services rather than low-value bookkeeping activities. And with access to accurate, real-time data, accountants can provide timely feedback and governance advice rather than waiting until year-end.

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IRIS Snap provides instant solutions for:

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Clients losing receipts and invoices and wasting time on data input

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Cutting the administrative burden of manual monthly/quarterly/annual record-keeping

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Keeping your logo and brand at the heart of what you do and providing a web-based portal for review of data by accountants

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SMEs that want to view historical transactions in-app and publish invoices and purchases seamlessly to KashFlow 

Key Features

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Improved efficiency

IRIS Snap eliminates the time you waste keying in data from paper records and reduces the burden of monthly, quarterly and annual record keeping. The app allows you to extract data automatically, transforming it into a format that can be published directly into KashFlow or exported for use in other bookkeeping solutions. 

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Easy to use

It’s so simple to use. Take a photo of the client’s receipts, invoices, purchase orders and bank statements using the mobile app. Relevant information is then extracted accurately, eliminating data entry. Your client’s records are automatically sorted, categorised and available for you to review and publish to KashFlow.

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Review in real time

With access to accurate real-time data, accountants can provide feedback and governance advice to clients in a timely fashion rather than at the year-end. If you want to focus on high-value advisory services with accurate real-time data, Snap enables you to do that.

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Increased Accuracy

Minimise the occurrence of incomplete records or lost receipts and invoices by encouraging clients to ‘snap’ all records as they arise.