GP Payroll Previous Year Payroll

Before downloading, please take the time to familiarise yourself with the whole process. Failure to follow these steps correctly could lead to the loss of current tax year payroll data.

Please Note: These files are not suitable for networked setups of GP Payroll. If you are running GP Payroll over a network, please contact our support team for assistance

If you are at all unsure about any step in this process, please contact our support team for assistance.

1. On your desktop, find the shortcut for GP Payroll, right-click on this and select the option to “Rename“:

GPP PrevYr 1 | GP Payroll Previous Year Payroll

2. Rename your shortcut from “IRIS GP Payroll” to “IRIS GP Payroll Current Tax Year

3. From the table below, download the payroll system data for the desired tax year.

4. Once the download is complete, run the file. This will start up the installation wizard. Click “Next” through the screens until you reach this step:

GPP PrevYr 2 | GP Payroll Previous Year Payroll

5. In the field “Directory for the payroll programs” you will see the text “\payroll“. Add to the end of this text “\XXXXPayroll” where XXXX is the year of the file you have downloaded. eg. for 2010-2011 payroll year, we have downloaded the file 2010Payroll, this is what we add to the text:

GPP PrevYr 3 2 | GP Payroll Previous Year Payroll

6. Click “Next” through the rest of the wizard until the process is complete.

7. Start GP Payroll using the shortcut we renamed in step 2 to load the current year payroll data. You may see a new shortcut has been created on your desktop, do not use this to start the software, this will default to the old payroll tax year.

8. Once logged in go to “Setup/Options” > “15-Previous years Payrolls“. Select the tax year you wish to enter and click “OK” You should see the following message (tax year dependant):

GPP PrevYr 4 | GP Payroll Previous Year Payroll

9. Click “OK“. You will be returned to the login screen for the selected tax year. Please Note: This will be an empty, trial version of GP Payroll, you now need to restore some backup data from the tax year you have selected to view your payroll details.

Download previous year payroll data:

Previous Tax Years Payroll Downloads
Tax YearProgram VersionSuitable ForDownload
2005-2006v2005.3Year End Data 2005-2006Click Here
2006-2007v2006.3Year End Data 2006-2007Click Here
2007-2008v2007.3Year End Data 2007-2008Click Here
2008-2009v2008.3Year End Data 2008-2009Click Here
2009-2010v2010.1Year End Data 2009-2010Click Here
2010-2011v2011.1Year End Data 2010-2011Click Here
2011-2012v2012.1Year End Data 2011-2012Click Here
2012-2013v2013.1Year End Data 2012-2013Click Here
2013-2014v2014.1Year End Data 2013-2014Click Here
2014-2015v2015.1Year End Data 2014-2015Click Here
2015-2016v2016.1Year End Data 2015-2016Click Here
2016-2017v2017.1Year End Data 2016-2017Click Here
2017-2018v2018.1Year End Data 2017-2018Click Here
2018-2019v2019.1Year End Data 2018-2019Click Here
2019-2020v2020.1Year End Data 2019-2020Click Here
2020-2021v2021.101Year End Data 2020-2021Click Here
2021-2022v2022.1Year End Data 2021-2022Click Here
2022-2023v2023.1Year End Data 2022-2023Click Here