IRIS Important Known Issues

It is important to us that we resolve any problems that are found in the IRIS Accountancy Suite.

If your problem is listed below, we are working hard to resolve these as quickly as possible.
Issues that have been fixed or are due to be fixed in the next release, are identified as such.
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IRIS Accounts Production

Outstanding Issues

Charity Accounts - CSV Import Error
When support costs are setup in Accounts Production when trying to import a CSV trial balance that contains account codes relevant to the support costs, on the pre-import screen it is forcibly requesting a charitable activity, this is in error.  There is no current work around for this problem and figures will need to be inputted manually. 
This issue is due to be fixed in a future release.

The posting amounts in MyWorkPapers can sometimes differ by a few pence when compared to an earlier import due to rounding. To help alleviate this we have added a way for you to set your own tolerance when re-importing data.
Please contact Support to resolve this issue.

IRIS Personal Tax

Issue resolved in the Spring release (v20.1.0)

Personal Tax crashes when running the paper check list/Schedules of data
Currently within IRIS there are instances where a user is running a paper checklist, or the schedules of data IRIS will crash. This is due to an incorrect ‘From’ date being entered for an individual involvement record. For example, ‘From’ date entered prior to the incorporation of the related company.
Change the ‘from’ date for the individual, ensuring the date falls after the incorporation date of the corresponding company.

IRIS Business Tax

Warning displayed when creating a 1day accounting period for a limited company
Where a period is created which starts and ends on the same date (1-day period), a warning displays stating that the previous accounting period end date is incorrect; where this is not the case.
This issue will be resolved in the Autumn release (v20.3).

IRIS Trust Tax

Issues resolved in the Spring Service Pack release (v20.1.5)

Validation Error - Invalid data entry: ElectriChargePointAllowance
Currently within IRIS Trust tax, where there is an entry for an electric charge point (SA903 box 3.11A) and you are attempting to generate a return, a warning message is presented and will prevent the return being filed online.

Form 50(fs) - 2020
Due to some late changes page 1 of our version of the form 50(fs) does not match HMRCs and there cannot be used to file with HMRC.
Print page 1 of the form 50fs from HMRCs website, manually complete this page and submit with pages 2 to 4 produced by IRIS.
This issue will be resolved in the Autumn release (v20.3).

IRIS Productivity Suite

Outstanding Issues

Unable to post Invoice with 10+ jobs in the Ad hoc posting screen
When posting an invoice through the ad-hoc posting screen with 10+ jobs, the following error appears when clicking OK:

Software Detected Error
Internal Inconsistency
Module TFDM709.CPP 1000
Logical line 1103
No further information

Users should use the On screen posting screen to raise an invoice.
Part of this issue has been fixed in v19.3.2.
However, due to constraints of the database, adding more than 10+ jobs has marked as a future enhancement.

Word changes not saved when selecting Print Now or Print Later
When generating a letter from a word template and making changes to the generated document, those changes are not saved when clicking Print Now or Print Later.
Go into the word template settings and deselect the following options:

  • Use AutoMail Merge
  • Open After Merge

This will resolve the issue.

Clock not displaying on Timesheet
When opening a timesheet for the current week, the clock option does not appear at the bottom of the timesheet.

Issues resolved in the Spring Service Pack release (v20.1.5)

Timesheet Screens slower to load in v20.1
When opening the timesheet screen there is a significant delay in the loading times.

Error when generating letters for multiple clients
Error message returned when you generate an AutoMail letter for multiple clients and click Print Now or Print Later.
This only affects templates which have 'Use AutoMail Merge' and 'Open After Merge' ticked in the template properties.
Removing this options will fix the issue.

Error when posting timesheets
When users go to post timesheets they get the following error:
IRIS Practice Version Check
Error (Server=[users server], Database=[user database], Error= [iDispatch error #3149], Description = [Login failed for user ‘[affected user’,]

Error returned when applying current instructions
When users go to use the Apply Current Instructions function in IRIS Time, the following error message is returned:
SD Error 110 Logical line 5003

Issues resolved in the Spring release (v20.1.0)

Error when opening a Fees export posting definition
When opening a saved export definition file a message displays stating, 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object'.
Recreate the definition file and save again.

Cannot view postings with original timesheet screen
When viewing timesheets in the original timesheet screen and then view posting, the module will close.
Set the timesheet view to Grid Timesheet (Time Ledger |Options |My preferences)

Unhandled Exception when uploading multiple documents to OpenSpace.
If you generate a letter with the 'Save as' option set to 'MS Word', then select Print Later, the letter is saved to the communications tab as a PDF document. Print Now, works correctly.
For more information on this issue, click here.

IRIS General

Outstanding Issues

Client browser crashing
For more information on this issues, click here.
We are working on getting a fix produced as quickly as possible.