IRIS Important Known Issues

It is important to us that we resolve any problems that are found in the IRIS Accountancy Suite.

If your problem is listed below, we are working hard to resolve these as quickly as possible.
Issues that have been fixed or are due to be fixed in the next release, are identified as such.
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Outstanding Issues

Report Processor Errors

Microsoft identified an issue that affects Windows 10 devices which applied the March 2021 security update released March 9, 2021 and the out-of-band updates released March 15, 2021, and a resolution has been expedited.
Affected devices might receive unexpected results when printing from some apps or to some printers.
Issues might include missing or solid color graphics, misalignment/formatting issues, or printing of blank pages/labels. More information can be found here.
System roll back will fix the issue temporarily.
An out-of-band optional update is now available on the Microsoft Update Catalog for all versions of Windows and on Windows Update for some versions.

IRIS Personal Tax

Issues resolved in the Spring 2022 release (22.1)

Tax return - SA102 page E1 displays the Car Benefits manual entry when HMRC value is selected

When the HMRC is selected on the Benefits Summary screen, the Tax Return should display the value entered in that field. Instead, it displays the manual entry entered on the 'Car Benefits' screen.
(Benefits | Car Benefits)

Tax Return - SA102 Manual values are added to the HMRC values for employment benefits if HMRC Value has been selected, when manually entered benefit has the "Expense claim" box ticked

SA102 Manual values are added to the HMRC values for employment benefits if HMRC Value has been selected, when manually entered benefit has the 'Expense claim' box ticked.

IRIS Business Tax

Outstanding Issues

Option to map postings into the SEISS box (70.1) for Sole traders does not exist in 2022

Currently the ability to update the mapping of account code to the sole trader section in Personal Tax for Sole Trades exists. In v 21.3.0 '70.1: Self Employment Income Support (70.1)' was added to enable users to map account codes ( Setup | Accounts for self-assessment). So, if a user posted an amount to an account code in Accounts Production, they could update the mapping so that values posted to that specific account code would map directly to box 'Self employed Income Support Scheme Grant' in Personal Tax, and subsequently to box 70.1 on the personal tax return.

Since updating to 22.1, the option 70.1 does not exist in the list of accounts, so the user is unable to map accounts directly to this box in Personal tax. The option still exists and works in year 2021.

This issue is due to be fixed in the Summer 22.2 release.

CT600 Filing Validations - Annual Investment Allowance (AIA)

The Autumn Budget 2021 extended the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) provisional £1 million cap until April 2023. The extension of the temporary £1 million cap was originally due to revert to £200,000 on 1 January.
The HMRC’s Corporation Tax online service has not yet been updated to reflect this change.
If you are filing a return and attempting to claim the additional AIA available as result of extension of the increased cap, you will not be able to file online before the service is updated.

CT600 Filing Validations - R&D

From 01 April 2021, all companies claiming the SME R&D Payable Tax Credit and or Research and Development Expenditure Credit will be required to complete the CT600L supplementary form. However, HMRC have identified several scenarios in which you may be unable to submit the correct figures on the CT600L due to a restriction within the HMRC Corporation Tax online service.

  • If the accounting period start date is before 01 April 22, and the value in box L65 is greater than 0.
  • Or if there is a value in box L35

You may be unable to submit the return electronically due to a restriction within the HMRC Corporation Tax online services. For more information, please click here for HMRC guidance.

A new Pre-step 1 section has been added to the CT600L for customers to report the amount of Step 2 restriction brought forward from previous accounting periods. Any balance not used and carried forward to the next accounting period is captured in new Boxes L8 and L129.
The figure in Box L129 is correctly included in Box L140 – Balance carried forward to next accounting period but has been captured twice in Box L150 – Total carried forward to next AP, due to a restriction within the HMRC Corporation Tax online service.
In order to successfully submit these returns electronically, we will be reporting an incorrect figure in Box L150. This figure is used for information purposes only.

This issue is with HMRC and we are waiting for them to resolve it at their end.

Issues resolved in the Spring 2022 service pack (22.1.2)

Pships/LLP - A balancing charge arising on the disposal of a zero-emission asset is mapped to the wrong field

Currently a balancing charge arising on disposal of a zero-emission asset is mapping to the 'Capital allowances – Main rate balancing charge' field rather that the '100% and other capital allowance balancing charges field'.

Negative WDV b/fwd incorrectly calculated for asset in a limited company with a long period of accounts

For a limited company client with a long period of account, which is claiming the super deduction allowance on a non-pooled asset, the software is incorrectly calculating a negative brought forward amount for that asset in the second CTAP.

A wrong value is being printed in box 670

The HMRC schema (v1.97) has a new error message stipulating that if the accounting period start date is on or after 01/04/22 a value should not be printed in box 660 unless box L166 is completed (CT600L SME R&D section of the return). We are correctly not printing the value in box 660, however we are incorrectly including the amount of R&D Enhanced Expenditure in the sum of box 670.

Business Tax refresh to Trust tax: proceeds of disposal of Zero-emission car should be mapped to "100% and other capital allowances" (Balancing charge)

If the Sole trade subtype is TPV the sum of all Disposal proceeds should be mapped to the '100% and Other Capital Allowances' (Balancing Charges field)
(Income | Trades, Profession or Vocation | Sole trades or Partnerships | Capital Allowances tab)
But the value is mapped to 'Capital Allowances - Main Rate' (Balancing charge)

Issues resolved in the Spring 2022 release (22.1)

Ticking 'Qualifies for Super deduction' or '50% FYA' triggers Tax comp warning 'Additions entered on fixed asset do not agree’

On ticking 'Qualifies for Super deduction' and running the Tax comp - the Tax comp shows the warning - Capital Allowances comp - 'Additions entered on fixed asset do not agree with total additions per trail balance' - Edit | Capital Allowances

IRIS Time & Fees

Issues resolved in the Spring 2022 release

Unable to Import Receipts via CSV

When trying to import receipts from a CSV file into IRIS Time and Fees, the system fails by highlighting all clients ID’s in red and stating 'Invalid Client ID’s'. This occurs regardless of whether the client ID’s are correct or not.

Work Type Remove when posting on Original Timesheet Screen

When posting to a non-charge code whilst using the original timesheet screen, the work type is removed when you click Post.

Timesheets Not Updating to the Pending Queue

For some users of v21.2 and v21.3 go to post a timesheet to the time ledger that crosses two months, the timesheet is not applied to the time ledger.