IRIS Important Known Issues

It is important to us that we resolve any problems that are found in the IRIS Accountancy Suite.

If your problem is listed below, we are working hard to resolve these as quickly as possible.
Issues that have been fixed or are due to be fixed in the next release, are identified as such.
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IRIS Accounts Production
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IRIS Accounts Production

Issues resolved in the Autumn service pack (v20.3.3)

‘Xero Import Authentication’ screen unresponsive when linking client from Xero to Accounts Production
Where 2 factor authentication is enabled in Xero some users are reporting issues linking Xero to Accounts Production.

Xero Import – brings back wrong period
When importing from Xero the trial balance returned is always that of the latest period rather than the period which has been selected.

Electronic Submission to Companies House – number of employees
As of 13/10/2020 Companies House will be validating the 'average number of employees' note on all electronic submissions of statutory accounts.
This disclosure is now mandatory. Currently if the note is replaced using the 'additional/replacement' note, the submission will fail with the Error code 9999.

Electronic Submission to Companies House – number of employees – Incorporated Charities
As of 13/10/2020 Companies House will be validating the 'average number of employees' note on all electronic submissions of statutory accounts. This disclosure is now mandatory.

Outstanding Issues

Pension Scheme Accounts – Report of Auditors, Going Concern data Screens
When preparing Pension Scheme Accounts, the data screens for Report of the Auditors, Going Concern are duplicated. If any information is completed in one of the data screens it will be automatically replicated in the duplicate. The subsequent report of the Auditors page output remains unaffected.
This issue will be resolved in the Autumn release Service Pack (v20.3.1).

Charity Accounts - CSV Import Error
When support costs are setup in Accounts Production when trying to import a CSV trial balance that contains account codes relevant to the support costs, on the pre-import screen it is forcibly requesting a charitable activity, this is in error.  There is no current work around for this problem and figures will need to be inputted manually. 
This issue is due to be fixed in a future release.

The posting amounts in MyWorkPapers can sometimes differ by a few pence when compared to an earlier import due to rounding. To help alleviate this we have added a way for you to set your own tolerance when re-importing data.
Please contact Support to resolve this issue.

IRIS Personal Tax

HMRC Exclusion 116 not triggering for individuals with multiple CEGs
Due to an issue with the exclusion trigger provided by the HMRC, if an individual has multiple chargeable event gains for tax year 2020, then the exclusion 116 warning will not appear.
This is because box 5 on page Ai 1 is correctly left blank where multiple CEGs have been entered.
The trigger depends on Box 5 on page Ai 1 being greater than 0 to display the warning.

Users are advised to file a paper return when hitting Exclusion 116
This issue is due to be fixed on the Spring 2021 release (v21.0).

IRIS Business Tax

Missing shareholding data
When carrying out a deletion or cleanse routine on a Limited Company client within the IRIS Accountancy Suite, in some circumstances, the routine can cause the deletion of certain Capital Asset information for other Limited Company clients.
We have prioritised the resolution of this defect above everything else and we now have an update available for you to download and install to prevent this error from occurring again.

We understand this might not be an ideal time for you to be installing an update, so if you are not able to install this update straight away, we would advise that you refrain from deleting or cleansing any limited company clients until this update can be installed.
Download now

Partnership rejection error 8459 - [The sum of all iterations of [2.14] must be greater that or equal to [2.10A]. Please check.
For 2019/20 SA802 (Partnership Foreign) return, if there are entries relating to the residential finance cost in Boxes 2.10A and 2.14, the return may be rejected online.
The HMRC have not updated the validation regarding the rules surrounding residential finance costs
In this instance a paper return will need to be filed with an unable to file form, citing Exclusion ID12 for Partnership
This is due to an error with the HMRC’s systems.

Warning displayed when creating a 1day accounting period for a limited company
Where a period is created which starts and ends on the same date (1-day period), a warning displays stating that the previous accounting period end date is incorrect; where this is not the case.
This issue will be resolved in the Spring 2021 release (v21.0).

IRIS Trust Tax

Issues resolved in the Autumn release (v20.3)

Form 50(fs) - 2020
Due to some late changes page 1 of our version of the form 50(fs) does not match HMRCs and there cannot be used to file with HMRC.

Capital allowances at Main rate not being retained
Unable to enter a value within the field ‘Capital allowances – Main pool’, on existing the capitla allowances screen the value is removed.
Workaround: Unfortunately, there is not a workaround for this issue and therefore you will need to update to the Autumn release (v20.3).

IRIS Productivity Suite

Issues resolved in the Autumn release (v20.3)

Clock not displaying on Timesheet
When opening a timesheet for the current week, the clock option does not appear at the bottom of the timesheet.