IRIS Docs 6.17 Release Notes


With the release of 6.17 comes a number of exciting new enhancements to the Email Manager and Email Assistant functionality, along with added mappings to the OpenSpace sync. The release also resolves a number of issues.

Important Advanced Notification

In line with the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy, 6.17 will be the final release that supports the following Microsoft products:

  • Microsoft Office 2010

We will no longer support deployment of our software onto this product from our April 2021 release.

For more information, click here to view the System requirements.

Feature enhancements

Email Assistant

Auto-Saved Conversation
With the new release of IRIS Docs comes the ability to auto-save conversations as part of the drag and drop feature. When you save an email conversation (using the drag-and-drop panel) any replies sent to that email will be automatically saved into IRIS Docs automatically, saving you time in processing the emails.

Scanned Folder Configuration
Email assistant has a new option around the scanning of folders. This option allows users to select which folder within their Inbox will be scanned, by Email Manager, for items to be indexed into IRIS Docs.

Improved User Interface
Within the Email Assistant tab on the Outlook Ribbon, work has been done to improve the User interface for when a connection issue occurs with the email assistant. This includes 3 new buttons that appear when connection is lost. These can return the error message and logs (to help with support of the issue) and a retry button to manually try and connect with the server.

Email Director

Header Rule
Within the Email Director options, a new rule has been added that allows the system to save email by the contents of the email header. This gives users further options to use when it comes to setting up Email Director and the criteria used when determining which emails will be saved into IRIS Docs.

Support for EWS in Email Director
Support has been extended to Exchange Web Services (EWS) as part of the Email Functionality. This opens up new authentication options for users of Microsoft 365 Exchange, including OAuth 2.0.


Additional MetaData Mapping Options for OpenSpace Sync
New mapping options have been added to the OpenSpace sync, including Uploaded Date and Description. This gives users a great range of diversity when it comes to the metadata stored against documents indexed from IRIS OpenSpace.