IRIS Docs 6.20 release notes


The 6.20 release resolves a number of issues found in previous releases.

Office 2021 

Whilst we now support Office 2021, there is a known Microsoft issue that affects both Office 2021 and Office 365 whereby Excel documents are not able to be viewed using the Web browser controls. We are currently working with Microsoft for a permanent resolution, but to help mitigate this issue please see the changes implemented for the Office 2021 item below. 

Resolved issues 

Email Assistant  

  • The VSTO install has now been updated to include the latest version of the runtime. This negates the need to install .Net 3.5 on machines that do not already have it installed.  
  • Group memberships of Filing Cabinets were not being reflected in Drag and Drop master lists in Outlook correctly.  

File & Save  

  • Zonal processing was not populating Linked List integer values correctly.   
  • Emails can now be moved between Windows folders after performing a File & Save.  


  • An error during login due to a serialization issue with special characters has been resolved. 
  • Improved the handling of special characters.  
  • Error with an ‘off domain’ installation when opening the Audit screen has been resolved. 
  • Office 2021 issue – implemented the ability to view just Excel documents (applies to xls and xlsx only) in the Invu viewer using the ‘Document Preview’ functionality to mitigate a known Microsoft issue preventing Excel documents from being viewed in a browser control.  
    A new setting called ‘Use document preview functionality to view Excel documents’ has been added to Global Settings | General to control this.  
  • Link Share tab can now be viewed when WCF is enabled.  
  • Upgrade to the internal LeadTools components. This component upgrade addresses several issues relating to OCR, document viewing and manipulation (PDF and TIFF formats), annotations, zonal indexing pre-sets and scanning.  
  • Link Share setup screen now displays fully within the supported minimum resolution.  
  • Link Share issue whereby file locks were preventing documents from being shared has been resolved. 
  • An issue with the ‘Move email attachments when indexing’ setting when it is used in conjunction with extensibility functionality has been resolved. 
  • Link Share email validation is no longer case sensitive.  
    Note: If the regex has been changed from the default it will not be updated and will need to be updated manually.  
  • An error when trying to create a Intray sub folder 3+ levels deep has been resolved. 


  • The equality type filter is now enabled when ‘Use New Autocomplete’ is set.  


  • Data Hub – emails that are failing to delete once flagged as processed by Email Director will no longer be reprocessed.  
  • Data Hub – emails failing to process due to illegal characters in a file attachment when using IMAP as the mail input source. 
  • A notification email is now sent when Email Director detects emails that are already processed in the monitored folder(s).  
  • An ECM out of memory issue due to constant logon requests from unlicenced users has been resolved. 
  • An issue with Link Manager when handling special characters used in conjunction with database sources has been resolved.  Note: Link Manager database sources that are configured in ‘Read only’ and ‘Read and Compare’ modes will be re-processed due the encoding changes made to handle special characters in the database.  
  • ECM will now run as 64bit on a 64bit O/S and as 32bit on a 32bit O/S.
  • Reduced the number of system actions that trigger Drag & Drop Master Lists to refresh in ECM unnecessarily.  
  • When applying expiry dates via Link Manager – now only updates document nodes.  
  • A new checkbox has been added ‘Parse data as XML’ which enables Link Manager to process escaped characters correctly when using an XML source file. Note: This option only appears when using the ‘File & Save’ option.  


  • Improved performance when retrieving Agents (Folders, Users, Groups).