Terminal Server/LPO Installations

Due to the errors identified in KB IAS-10380 the recommendation is to run the IRIS programs locally on any Terminal Server. The LPO (Local Programs Only) installer is available for this purpose which will carry out file delivery and any necessary configuration.

Download and save the LPO.exe into the main IRIS Server installation directory.  Rename the file to just LPO.exe, renaming or replacing any older versions present.
From the Terminal Server run the program AdvLocalProgSetup.exe from the IRIS share located on the Server hosting the main IRIS Server installation.
A detailed guide is available here
Please refer to KB IAS-11884 for details on sending in your log files.

Note: Both Terminal Server(s) LPO and the main IRIS installer must continue to be maintained at the same version and build number at upgrade time; the version and build number can be seen in any help/about dialog. The main installer MUST be run ahead of installing LPO.

Main IRIS version installedLPO Download
v24.1.4.33Download and install v24.1.4 (build 33)
v24.1.0.578Download and install v24.1.0 (build 578)
v23.4.0.336Download and install v23.4.0 (build 336)
v23.3.1.45Download and install v23.3.1 (build 45)
v23.3.0.418Download and install v23.3.0 (build 418)
v23.2.0.158Download and install v23.2.0 (build 158)
v23.1.5.20Download and install v23.1.5 (build 20)
v23.1.0.753Download and install v23.1.0 (build 753)
v22.4.0.132Download and install v22.4.0 (build 132)
v22.3.3.48Download and install v22.3.3 (build 48)
v22.3.0.621Download and install v22.3.0 (build 621)
v22.2..0.402(d) or (e)Download and install v22.2.0 (build 402)
v22.1.0.628 or v22.1.2.16Download and install 22.1.4 (build 3)
v22.1.2 (build 16)Download and install 22.1.2 (build 16)
v22.1.0 (build 628)Download and install 22.1.0 (build 628)
v21.4.0 (build 171)Download and install 21.4.0 (build 171)
v21.3.0 (build 583)Download and install 21.3.0 (build 583)
v21.2.0 (build 376)Download and install 21.2.0 (build 376)
v21.1.6 (build35)Download and install 21.1.6 (build 35b)
v21.1.0 (build 652)Download and install 21.1.0 (build 652)
v20.3.4 (build 1)Download and install 20.3.4 (build 1)
v20.3.0 (build 228)Download and install 20.3.0 (build 228)
v20.2.0 (build 366)Download and install 20.2.0 (build 366)
v20.1.5 (build 71)Download and install 20.1.4 (build 71)
v20.1.0 (build 635)Download and install 20.1.0 (build 635)
v19.3.2 (build 199)Download and install 19.3.2 (build 199)
v19.3.0 (build 619)Download and install 19.3.0 (build 619)
v19.3.0 (build 607)Download and install 19.3.0 (build 607)
v19.2.0Download and install 19.2.0
v19.1.2Download and install 19.1.2
v19.1.1Download and install 19.1.1
v19.1.0 (build 737)Download and install 19.1.0
v19.1.0 (build 735)Download and install (19.1.0) (build 735)
v19.1.0 (build 729)Download and install 19.1.0 (build 729)